Tina – By Diptee Raut (Thriller)

Tina (an excerpt) Tina quietly strolled out of the graveyard. She did not want to be seen by anyone. “The graveyard is not a good place for little girls,” they said. But it was important for her to go there, to go and see for herself. To be sure that Uncle

The Dominant Position Reversal – By Arijit Ghose (Comedy)

The Dominant Position Reversal (an excerpt) One pleasant December afternoon, I found myself in a taxi slowly trudging through the narrow lanes of Rowland Road heading to Goethe Institute. A seminar on Career in media and the Idea of Democratisation of media was being organised by a School of Journalism from

Coffee, Conversations and You – By Shaily Bhargava (Romance)

Coffee, Conversations and You (an excerpt) The soft, white and weightless snow had fallen down last night covering the entire Manhattan city. The streets are full of cosy cuddling couples enjoying the exhilarating snow walk and delicious soft sunshine spanning after three continuous days of snowstorm. In the Midtown West, the

An Adoption – By Uttiya Roy (Romance)

An Adoption (an excerpt) There was a story that his mother would always tell him; that the night sky was a child sleeping in a blanket of emotions and when one was sad, the child woke up. Himangshu sighed as he sat alone in the room of the adoption agency. It was