Moments veiled in the sheets of past, on the Ocean of Memories, a shadow they cast.Beneath the layers of Life they lie, budded in the enclosure of the eyes.Moments, that gently melts like a tiny flake of snow, as embers on a cold winter night glow.Shimmering sometimes, on the rolling river

Mr. E

Each one of us might have had an embarrassing moment in life. The write up tries to capture some of those moments through the imaginary character “E”. Mr. EmbarrassedMr. E goes out with his girlfriend. Accidentally, they meet one of her macho friends. She goes on and on praising

Memories Reborn

I remember---the day I entered the new planet and the hay I tasted to tongue. My eyes had ‘you-are-so-alien’ look, so did theirs. My voice was so ceremonial, so did theirs. My ego was so high, but not theirs---And that’s how I got friends there.I always wonder how I

A husband called Mathematics

To every good thing, there is an exception-An exceptional quote by one of the well known Roman philosophers. From the day of 25th August, 1986 , I have been trying to prove this exact point to my over adamant parents who refuse to agree. Hailing from one of the high