‘Elephants in the Room’ is a Transformational Journey – Suraj Laxminarayan

Suraj Laxminarayan and his debut novel, Elephants in the Room have been making the right kind of noise for quite a while now. With more and more people laying their hands on this book with every passing day, it is time we hear from the author himself what it’s all about

Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald

Even though the last Harry Potter movie as was the last Harry Potter book was released years ago, the craze continues to follow his universe around. The happiness and nostalgia associated with the boy wizard’s world never quite died down. In fact, J.K. Rowling herself admitted that it was the undying dedication by

Famous Bookworms From TV Shows and Books

Bookworms are never acutely depicted in either books themselves or television series. When we do meet bookworms they seem to be obsessing over either one book or one series. We never get to see them salivating over books in a bookstore, we don’t see them as they move on from

The Boy from Pataliputra – By Rahul Mitra

The Boy from Pataliputra is a unique historical fiction. Its uniqueness lies not in the story but in the choice of protagonist - a common average boy from the city of Patliputra. This fact alone takes this book out of the race of other contemporary historical fiction. Writing from the