It’s All About Love Explores Love Beyond Boundaries

With his new series, Sourabh Mukherjee explores love beyond the boundaries of the boy-meets-girl stories that cinema often dishes up. The tales span across complex relationships, ages and cities. Most of his characters aren’t black and white. They are all beings of the living, breathing world around us. They have

The Sane Psychopath Reads Like A Thriller Movie In Your Mind

About the book 'Terrific plot, a horrific crime! A disturbing story, narrated superbly’ —SUJOY GHOSH, Director – Kahaani It was just another day in Pune. Just another morning. Until a man decided otherwise. And left an entire city horrified . . . scared . . . angry . . . baying for blood. This is the

Ganga By Anuja Chandramouli Makes You Fall in Love With The Goddess

What the book holds I know Ganga as a river. When I watched the Mahabharata series, I came to know Ganga as Bheeshma’s mother. I never knew Ganga as a person, or as a goddess. Anuja Chandramouli ultimately brought the best of Ganga in this book. Ganga, born to Himavan and Mena,