Research, Irrespective of Genre, is Integral to Writing – Anurag Anand

When you hear the name ‘Rajat Gandy’ and the word ‘assassination’ in the same breath, you are prone to thinking that this could be something political. And well-known author Anurag Anand, in his latest book, The Assassination of Rajat Gandy, takes an inspired name and brings forth a plot that

2018 Man Booker Prize – Daisy Johnson is the Youngest Author Shortlisted

The 27-year-old British author, Daisy Johnson has become one of the youngest writers to be shortlisted for the Man Booker prize in 2018. The shortlisted novel ‘Everything Under’ is about a troubled mother-daughter relationship that reinterprets Greek mythology in present-day Britain. It has been described by the judges as 'reflecting

I Wanted My Stories To Be Individual Ecosystems – Alisha Rajpal

Alisha Rajpal and her debut book, Has Everything Been Done?are taking short stories to the next level. With a variety of genres, this new author’s new book promises to take us on a journey with pit stops so exciting,you’re sure to be enthralled. Here’s Alisha Rajpal talking to us about