I have an utterly different world inside my head – Chirasree Bose

While books belonging to the thriller and romance categories each have their own attraction, romantic thrillers combine the best of both worlds. Done With Her…, written by Chirasree Bose, is one such book that promises to evoke a gamut of emotions as the reader glides through it. In this interview

If You Like to Write, Start With Putting Pen to Paper – Sathish

India is a country that loves and worships the game of cricket, almost to the point of fanaticism. To capture that spirit in words is next to impossible because the extent to which it stretches is limitless. Author Sathish’s book, Life in the Sunshine – Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer tries to do this

I Started Writing as a Need for Creative Fulfilment – Sudha Nair

There are a number of books about weddings and the drama that is many-a-times bound to surround them. But The Wedding Tamasha by Sudha Nair has its own pedestal, thanks to the fact that this story won the Amazon Pen to Publish contest in 2017. And since then, there has been no looking back for