Naveen Kakkar – Talking About Lives of Medical Students In A Fun Way!

Naveen Kakkar, a pathologist and a teacher in a medical college, has several scientific publications to his name and a few chapters in medical books. But this time, he has channelled his experience into writing and come out with his first fiction, Dissected. Set in a medical college, Dissected tries

Poetry Came To Me Quite Spontaneously – Papiya Lahiri

When life gets too dull and drab, it is important to remember the undercurrents that make life worth living. Papiya Lahiri talks about this in her book of poetry, Seeds of Time. She stresses on how emotions and observations shape the life of a person. In this candid interview with Writers

“It is Writing That is My Ultimate Marmalade!”- Kirti Srivastava

In a conversation with Writersmelon, Kirti Srivastava gives us insight about herself and her newly published book 'The Me You Will Never Know'. Growing up with books A banker and a dreamer by heart, so she describes herself, Kirti Srivastava reminisces about her childhood filled with books and her initial scribblings of putting

Writing, For Me, Is Like Creating a Horcrux – Shreyas Bhave

Shreyas Bhave started off his bibliography in 2017 with an impressive debut called The Prince of Pataliputra, the first in the Asoka trilogy. And earlier this year, in July, the second in the trilogy, called Storm from Taxila came out and has stirred up quite a storm. With a story