I think it would be very safe to say that after the supreme universal spirit, the next omni present character in everybody’s life is the Boss. From home to office, on the street and off it and underworld to the other world, there is at least one boss everywhere. There is no denying this.

He/She has been glorified/vilified as the hero and the villain, the guiding light and the necessary evil, the saviour and the loser respectively through books, movies and other elements of the popular culture. What’s more, he/she exists in all shapes, sizes and ages and they are bound by the common thread of boss-iness. 
The only exception to this being when someone makes a business out of it. But apart from the original B.O.S.S (Bachelor Of Social Services), who is a certain superstar R , none else seem to have emulated it any further or any better.
So what we are left with are the bosses in our life. Whether we love them or hate, we certainly don’t seem to be able to do without them.
Each is unique in their style.
One may take the help of various fault finding techniques while another may choose to boss around by staying behind the scenes letting things be, only to interfere when there is a need.
Let us face it, they do bring that odd little colour into our lives by giving us reasons to whine about. In the tough corporate world, boss bashing is certainly a good stress busting activity! (Next only to the endless Ma-in law & D- In law saga widely debated over cups of hot beverages near the vending machine)
Nevertheless, since the boss is indeed an important person in our lives, it would not hurt to be kind, considerate and even affectionate towards them once a year.
I am all for joining hands and recommending to Archies to start encouraging the celebration of a Happy Boss’ day.
But jokes apart, let us not forget that we too are bosses of our own lives and the ultimate boss is up there (for the believers, otherwise, its just one okay.)
So lets’ keep the Happy Boss’s Day only for those other bosses. Yo!

— By Ambalika Bhattacharyya 

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You Adored, Me Ignored By — By Ambalika Bhattacharyya is the book “In Focus”.


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