Sourabh Mukherjee and the 7-Part Series That Says ‘It’s All About Love’

This past October, Sourabh Mukherjee and Srishti Publishers came together to bring out a different kind of romantic writing. It’s All About Love is a 7-part series of stories of romance and family bonds, in contrast with Sourabh Mukherjee’s last two books that were psychological thrillers.

Here’s more about this wonderfully different idea, in the words of the author himself:

What ‘It’s All About Love’ is About:

The stories in this collection, It’s All About Love are titled ‘The Gift’, ‘The Cookery Show and a Love Story’, ‘A Special Day’, ‘An Autumn Turmoil’, ‘Masks’, ‘The Hunt’ and ‘The Death Wish’.

The collection is about the all-consuming power of Love. The stories are short and have different flavours – paranormal, tragedy, suspense, drama, romance. But what ties them together is the underlying theme of Love. And an unpredictable twist in the plot. Every story is guaranteed to make its own small home in a corner of the reader’s heart and stay with the reader for a lifetime. That’s a tall claim to make, but I stand by it.

The book trailer summarizes the ideas behind the stories beautifully: It’s All About Love.

Sourabh Mukherjee – Past Bibliography:

My last 2 novels were very successful, bestselling psychological thrillers – In the Shadows of Death (2015) and The Colours of Passion (2017). However, both these thrillers had powerful love stories at the core which my readers appreciated.

Going back a few years, I won the Monsoon Romance Contest (2014, for a love story The Girl of My Monsoons which was later adapted into my novella Nargis Through my Summers. I wrote more romantic short stories in Loves Lost. These stories continue to remain some of my most appreciated works. These were later compiled into an anthology called Romance Shorts and released in paperback.

Sourabh Mukherjee – The Switch to Love Stories:

Most of (my past) stories were dark, dealing with themes such as heartbreak, betrayal, adultery.

I wanted to write happier stories. Stories that reinforce our faith in love. Stories that make us realize that life is beautiful. The world around us is beautiful. We have families that stand by us. We do find love that stays with us through thick and thin. And I felt that, it is important to tell these stories. Especially in these times of hatred, strife, intolerance and violence.

Also, as an author, it is important for me to push the envelope and continuously challenge myself. So, while I gained recognition as a thriller writer, this series is a very entertaining and refreshing change, which I am certain my readers will love.

Reactions to ‘It’s All About Love’:

I am overwhelmed with the reactions from my readers. A number of my readers have personally connected with me to tell me how much they loved reading these short stories. They could relate to the emotions and sentiments.

Many of them called their parents after they read some of the titles in the series, especially ‘A Special Day’, ‘The Hunt’ and ‘The Death Wish’.

Genres and Reception:

A lot of my fans who like Thrillers have particularly liked ‘The Hunt’, which is a classic revenge story going back and forth between two different periods in time.

Readers of the Romance genre have loved ‘The Gift’ and ‘The Cookery Show and a Love Story’ – each one of them has two love stories unfolding over different periods of time and how they converge in an unexpected climax. Each brings out the true essence of love, going beyond the exhibitionism around it.

‘An Autumn Turmoil’ has also touched a number of readers as an emotional roller-coaster of forbidden love, betrayal and heartbreak, unfolding over fifteen days of Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata which create a colourful and vibrant backdrop for the story.

‘Masks’ is a stark commentary on modern urban India where everyone is up for sale and nothing is what it looks like on the surface. A lot of my readers have been able to relate this with the underlying themes of my earlier urban thrillers.

Why Experiment With a Book Release:

Reading habits are on the decline today, while people still have an affinity towards stories. However, they would rather ‘see’ stories – delivered through short films, or, short episodes of a web-series on a handheld device. We need to take some of these choices and preferences into consideration.

As such, instead of releasing It’s All About Love as a paperback collection of short stories, Srishti Publishers and I experimented with a different format and release strategy.

It’s All About Love – Using A Unique Strategy:

We made each story from this collection, It’s All About Love into a short Kindle book at a very reasonable price, which takes anything between 30-60 minutes to finish reading, on a Kindle device or on the free Kindle app in a phone or tablet or a laptop PC during a commute, or the wait at the salon. And we released the seven titles on seven consecutive Mondays, so that, the reader stays connected with the series and looks forward to the next title due next week. Of course, we knew that the stories, though short in length, are impactful enough to sustain that continued interest.

And the strategy has worked, considering these titles are on Amazon’s Romance bestseller list for weeks.

Author(s): Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: 2018
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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