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This festive season, come celebrate the joy of reading. 
Lets gift  you a book !

After reading more than 30 Indian Authors this year, from the breezy reads, intense romance, thought provoking, heart rendering ones to edge of the seat thrillers.

We have chosen 5 interesting Books handpicked to reach right in your hands. 

 Here is that list and their reviews.

My fulproof english learning formula

— By Manish Gupta
   Penguin (2012)

Huge Doses of English Bytes and Mega Bytes. The book makes you fall in love with the intricacies of ENGLISH. The Author has extolled the subject with perfection. It is a great serve for those preparing for GRE/GMAT/CAT. Read full review here
Piyush jha 
Rupa Publications(2013)
A thriller, that just keeps you going and asking for more. Has everything to be converted into a fast paced action flick. AN INSPECTOR VIRKAR CRIME THRILLER—a policeman one wishes every city had. Read full review here
— By Ketan Bhagat 
   Srishti Publishers (2013)
The story from India to Sydney and back again has lots of lovely experiences, anecdotes to talk about. It tells you upfront about the attributes of an NRI and an Indian. The Punjabi treat , realism and  the onsite stories are hilarious. Read full review here
— BY Ismita Tandon Dhanker  Harper collins(2013)
‘Jacob Hills is like a swamp full of tadpoles’. It is not just a story but a well-conceived plot that promises wholesome entertainment taking grossly at the genteel army-men and their graceful ladies.         Read full review here
— By Parthajeet Sarma
   Good Times Books (2013)
 ‘An entrepreneur is what you become when you are fired..’ If you are looking for smart talks on Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Priorities, Corruption, go for this one. Using technology to solve our nineteenth century problems is a brilliant a
nd compelling drive.

Read full review here

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