T21 in Downs Lane – Read It For The Message It Conveys

Scouting for a story, the young journalist in Aashima comes across Jay the ‘differently different’ son of Ayesha and Siddhartha Roy, who has just passed his graduation with a first class. So, what does she come across? An enthusiastic but ‘differently different’ son, a worried yet strong and determined mother and a diary that reveals the pains, trials and tribulations of an entire family.

T21 in Downs Lane is a story of struggles, disenchantment, determination and success. It is also a mirror to Society’s attitude to those who are different i.e. those who do not come under the category of the ‘typical’ human being. Jay’s wistfulness combined with his father Siddhartha’s diary entries has the ability to pull the level-headed Aashima into a vortex of emotions so strong that she embarks on a mission to seek unconditional psychological acceptance for T21 people from the ‘typicals.’

Theme of the book – T21

Intense, informative and interesting, T21 in Downs Lane gives us an insight into Trisomy 21, the condition, causes, effects and problems associated with the same but do not end at that. The solution to the problem is also spelt out there in a subtle yet, effective manner. Care to read it, care to understand it and I’m sure you’ll find that you too can be the solution spending neither your time nor your money but by simply changing your outlook and attitude towards T21 human beings.
Split into two parts, the book sees the author preparing a background for taking forth his mission of educating the reader on Trisomy 21 condition in Part I by narrating the story of Jay. While this part is loaded with emotion, Part 2 of the book is purely educative and enlightening. This part highlights the amount of effort and research that has gone into the study of Trisomy 21 not only by the author but by researchers too the world over.

Educative, enlightening and emotional, the story of Jay is not all about the flip side of the life of the one with an extra chromosome. The story has a hint of romance and also helps one look at the brighter side of life. It has a message for the subjects and the parents of the ones with the extra chromosome. However, the final and loudest message is for society at large. It says –

See them not as different

Shun them not out of fear

Look at them as an equal

Help them overcome their fear

Lead them, enlighten them

See them as one of yours

Love them, understand them

Let them grow, find their feet here.

What could have been better

The language though simple, needs a bit of polishing which I’m sure an efficient editor will be able to accomplish. Once that’s done this book is sure to grab immense attention.

My verdict

Forget the literary side of the book and instead read it for the message it conveys, the vast amount of information it holds within its pages and the impact it can have on you. The book will not only move you but will make you more empathetic and see you count your blessings.

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Author(s): Utpal Kumar Mishra
Publisher: The Write Place
Release: June 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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