Book Review: You are the Best Wife

There are some books that are not just stories but reflection of realities of life. ‘You are the Best Wife’ is one such book. 
While the cover page conveys of love and romance, the blurb gives us a hint of the bittersweet life of the protagonist. In the book, the author tells us his own story and everything about his wife (Bhavna). He reminisces from the first time he saw her to the last good goodbye he bid her at AIIMS New Delhi. The readers go through many shades of emotions while Ajay narrates his story of denial, resentment, love, depression to, finally, acceptance and forgiveness.
I would refrain from judging the book on its literary caliber because my expectations as a reader were high. Better editing hands would have made me happier. But on the other hand, I would definitely talk about its beautiful and poignant love story. This is not a fictitious tale but truth and more such stories must be told. 
This one begins in Allahabad and the first few chapters seemed like snippets from my own engineering college life. When Ajay mentions about his inability to afford a two–wheeler, I was touched with the innocence and honesty. The one-liners were sweet and cute. As his fondness grew for the lovely girl of his class and as he wooed his classmate, I felt that Ajay and Bhavna, were my own friends and I was privy to their blooming love. 
Until they got married the story seemed like any other chic-lit romance that undergoes through its own set of trials and tribulations. First, one set of parents had to be convinced, then another and then the struggles to get everything in place. But at last, the happy days did arrive and love prevailed. The couple marries and gradually they begin to live blissfully. There are some very touching moments in the book as well as introspective too. Their beautiful story reminds us that we must not forget to appreciate the happy things and wonderful people in our life.
When Bhavna complains of illness and her condition begins to deteriorate day by day, the story takes a gross turn. Without divulging much details, I would only say that by the time I wrapped the book, I couldn’t be without tissue papers. I cried my heart out. As a reader the reality was hard to accept so I am sure Ajay would have been devastated. But at the same time, I am so glad that he decided to direct his energy to bring positivity in many lives. I loved knowing his wife (beautiful soul) so closely.
This book teaches us about valuing people around us. The poignant tale of separation also conveys to us that we must not surrender to destiny. Life is about moving forward. Why not live a life of purpose than of pretense? It’s not about being the best wife or best husband but about respecting each other as a couple and making the best of together times. Life and destiny can throw surprises any day. Read this one not to be saddened but to extract a great lesson on life.

Author: Ajay Pandey
Publisher: Westland Books
Genre: Romance
Release: 2015
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