Book Review : You adored me ignored – By Ambalika Bhattacharyya

Murder mystery , ample family drama and at the heart of this story is a journey. Journey of a girl towards self realisation and a quest to find her space under the sun.

Anam Acharjya; 24 years old, unmarried and unemployed member of the Acharjya clan is a free spirited soul. Wishes to live her life on her own terms, select a career that she enjoys and not something her family expects her to. Unfortunately , in A family brimming over with intellectuals and even more ambitious parents, Anam finds herself in middle of annoying questions, comparisons by the proud parents who donot miss a single chance to declare the achievements of their children (Anam’s cousins). “I guess one’s employment status / employability is truly a matter of greater importance than life and death” wonders Anam when haunted by questions regarding her decission to quit the IT job and instead taking up a PR job in Mumbai.Not believing in any of those comparisons , Anam busies herself in a film festival and makes new friends. But as the fate would have it , she finds herself in the middle of a murder with fingers getting pointed at Anam herself. As always she takes charge of her life, and attempts at solving this murder mystery and ends up answering many more critical questions that arise out of this entire episode.

The story has a very natural and relatable setting of a family drama. The honest voice of the protagonist Anam, strikes a chord with young readers, especially those who often struggle to find their identity even amongst their own family members. Anam’s journey is inspiring mainly because of her correct attitude towards all her detractors. 
A decent attempt at creating a murder mystery, but the usp of this book is its qwirky narration, light humour and interesting sarcasm. Use of interesting metaphors and characterisation like home ministry , public affairs, information broadcasting (mothers and aunts) and my personal favourite TYSOTES (The youngest son of the eldest son of someone) some wild imagination I must say..!The twists and turns of a murder mystery makes this book a complete package and a entertaining read .

Following lines give a perfect ending to the story, something that every 20 something will identify with!

“This time , I want to do what I feel like.
And do it in this life
Things I keep dreaming of but dreams keep turning off
So I’ll be waiting for the right thing
I will know it by feeling “

In less than 150 pages, this book is a super quick express read. No, it is not lack of content at all, but a reminder of the beauty of brevity. The chapters are well organised with interesting titles – a possible inspiration for aspiring authors. The cover design is sleek and overall presentation of the book is a sincere attempt at creating a mainstream fiction novel. 
    Publisher: Offshoots , An imprint of Wisdom tree
— Reviewed By Priyanka 
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You adored me ignored — By Ambalika Bhattacharyya is the book “In Focus”


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  1. It was very nice to read your book Miss Ambalika. Especially climax of the story was very interesting.
    Keep moving ahead…

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