Book Review : Urban Shots — The Love Collection

Can you fall in love 31 times?

Yes, I meant the two digit number that comes after 30.

You can, if you come across ‘Urban Shot- The love collection’. The 27 authors make you fall in love in ways that you were never thought of.

The book edited by Sneh Thakur has everything from mushy to serious. You see instance of people falling into and out of love and realising that there is more to meeting the perfect person.

One is sure to go superstitiously lucky in Written in the stars, understand that money isn’t everything in Rishta, encounter a kind if innocence in The Girlfriend, come in terms with reality in In Love with a Stranger, funny light humour girl seeking in High time, learning to trust when its questioned in Beyond Reasonable doubt, a hindi serial like experience in Pause, Rewind, Play, Falling in love beyond the stereotyped in Measures of Life and Love and many more.

Some may surprise you with a different plot and twist in the end like in Reality Bytes, Love is blind, Twisted and lot more. Each story is going to give you a new perception and a different avatar; from school boy to a person falling in love with the same gender.

They said love is blind. But with Urban Shots, it is journey to many experiences and different feel.
Come and fall in love. Yes, 31 times.

Reviewed by Subhashree Srinivasan


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