Book Review : Urban Shots — Crossroads

Real, lucid and light- Urban Shots Crossroads is all of that. Edited by Ahmed Faiyaz, this anthology of 30 stories written by 26 authors comprises of stories which are so real that one tends to live each of them rather than just read them. Each brilliantly written story consists of a very dynamic plot, intriguing characters and mesmerising descriptions which make you ruminate upon the similarities of events in one’s life as well. Its one of those books with stories which invariably every urban living Indian can identify with. A light hearted read, leaves you amused and contemplative of your very existence in the chaos of life and make you spare a moment to realize your journey till here.
From an infidel writer to the innocent story of the kid with the beautiful cycle, Crossroads spell bounds you  with the spectrum of the thoroughly complex and intertwined lives we live in. Some noteworthy short stories are

 Footsteps in the Dark – Mini Menon

Probably the best read from the book, this story remains to be one of my favourites due to its ominous detailing and splendid discriptions. It transports you to the protagonists timeline where you live every moment and feel the very justifications to her emotional turmoil.
Crossroads – Ahmed Faiyaz

Another marvellous story comes from the editor of the book and very well lives up to the name. Fate, Infidelity, confusion, sex; this one story is a plethora of emotions and decisions that are very prominent in the urban india. The mesmerising tale of a writer who must choose between his wife and his seductive mistress, the story ends with leaving him on the difficult crossroad.

It takes in to account almost all hues of people in living in Urban India. – a yoga loving doctor, a mysterious kid with a fancy bike, a security guard who befriends a little girl, the ordeal of a man trying to get off at Borivali from a Virar Fast in Bombay and similar stories about quirky people and those just like we see every day. People who’re either very similar or completely distinct.

Pick it up for a nice weekend read. It might just be a week’s flashback.

— Reviewed by Madalsa Singh


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