Book Review : Two states – By Chetan Bhagat

Few romantic songs in the beaches of Chennai, a group dance in college campus, some grand Punjabi wedding numbers and some highly amplified background score for the emotional scenes looks like the next bollywood big release isn’t it?
The obsession with bollywood and the “filmy ishtyle” is not something that is rare; as there are many such clones out there, and yes I can see many heads nodding on that. Probably that is one of the reasons, why we will love this book so much! Its potential to become a blockbuster is very good indeed. But this time, “Mr. Bhagat; beware of the “Idiots”, we know it hurt big time “!

Krish: “Cute and gentleman types” the kinds that girls simply adore!! He was smart, intelligent, academically/mathematically inclined (An IITian), and at the same time a complete charmer.
Ananya: “Beauty with brains types” the kinds sensible guys rarely miss out on. She was “miss fresher”, reportedly the best looking girl in the campus, extremely smart and sensible.

From long romantic walks, to sitting side by side in classroom, studying for exams together to having together all the meals in the college canteen, this couple Krish and Ananya used to be glued together every single moment. But unlike and like many such campus love stories, this love story across two states has a little longer but the same old story to tell.

The story of parental pressure and their never ending list of expectations. Their endless melodramatic emotional blackmailing, and the sudden rise of over concerned relatives. The inconsequential efforts of engineered marriages and the forcefully organized meetings/dates with the chosen matrimonial candidates.Life was nothing short of a awkward and scary roller coaster and a dashing car ride of a recreation park, for this couple!!!
To bring the combative in laws under one roof, make them talk and get friendly with each other seemed like one herculean task and took almost the same persistence as the women’s reservation bill in the parliament! From taking tuitions for her brother at 5 am in the morning, to helping her father in completing an important presentation and the complete unanticipated boost to the singing career of Ananya’s mother. Krish tried all the innovative and mundane methods to come closer to Ananya’s family.Ananya also made a dramatic entry and a powerful impact on Krish’s family in Delhi. She very convincingly and not to forget, single handedly saved Krish’s cousin’s marriage.
Krish and Ananya were indeed the best managers from IIMs that year.

Extremely Bollywoodish it may sound but Krish actually proposed with 4 engagement rings for Ananya’s entire family! And then finally as they say, “they lived happily ever after”!!

Going by the paparazzi, “break ups” and “move ons” of bollywood idols may continue to inspire today’s junta more than their reel life love stories. But “Two states” to some extend successfully recreates a positive air for difficult but marria
geable love marriages in
“Two states – The story of my marriage”; in one word this book is – “INSPIRING“.

Just a thought;

Krish and Ananya tried to follow the rules at each and every step, almost all of them. But the few rules which they had to break; they made it a point to work around them.
Do you think rules are meant to be broken? Or is it “cool” if we can work around them?



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  1. Yes, rules ARE meant to be broken once they have served their purpose. Not before. After all rules are what instill discipline.

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