Book review : There may be an asterisk involved — By Vedashree Khambete

Unconditional love is something we get to hear only in romantic novels and movies. Not that it is completely absent from our real lives, but unfortunately it has become a rarity these days. Most of the relationships that we observe have become extremely transactional. And just like Newton pointed out , every action has a equal and opposite reaction .. every reaction also needs an action or a reaction of similar sorts. This very idea forms the basis of this novel with far less philosophical tone ofcourse. 

There may be an asterisk involved gives a sneak peak into the world of advertising. It is a story of a girl Ira who is a creative copy writer in one of the most reputed ad agencies. She is very hardworking, and extremely comited towards her work. She spends long hours in office slogging her ass off and writing great ads. She has great friends and a great mentor at her workplace. So whats wrong with her seemingly perfect life? Yes , predictably it is absence of a man in her life. So who is that man of her dreams, how she gets to meet her. The day to day life of Ira and her collegues/ friends at office and their personal lives is basically what the story is all about. 

Devoid of any particular plot, this book is more like diary entries , where each day is like some event that has an impact on their lives. Compared to other books that we have reviewed on corporate world, this book falls flat because of complete absence of a gripping plot and a interesting storyline. The characters and events are very real and relatable and the writing does full justice in bringing out the nuances of their lives and the ever illusive world of advertising. 

As an outside  my idea of advertising world has been very vivid (thanks to some of my friends who have shaped up my opinion). It is definately one of the most glamourous and fun place to work in. People are dangerously frank and open about various issues to an extent that their views can make you uncomfortable in their presence.  It is a world where passion and creativity is valued more than money. Hence they slog but at the same time get paid very less . Inspite of that there are people who often leave their cushy jobs to be a part of this world. No offence meant , but most of these impressions are proven right after reading this book. 

Youngsters aiming an entry into this world should read this book to get a feel of this world beforehand. Professionals already a part of this world may not find anything new in this book , but may still chose to read it for the love of reading. 

— Reviewed by Priyanka 
Thankyou Hatchette India – (publisher for this book) for making us a part of your world and showering us with books regularly. 

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