Book Review : The Wednesday Soul — By Sorabh Pant

The Wednesday Soul is the story of Nyra, Chittr and their lives or after-lives to be more precise.  It effectively captures the mayhem of the urban youth as the author effectively picks up this plot point and then intersperses it with the youth in an after-life scenario, giving us funny, witty and sarcastic situations to deal with. It is not an easy read and not everyone would find it to their taste, but if you have the patience to read something different, yet be amused by it you should try this one.
Nyra Dubey is an urban vigilante who roams around Delhi in the night avenging any crimes against women. She meets the love of her life, Chitr Gupta but when she is busy making future plans with him, she gets run over by a bus. To make matters worse, she finds her soul in the midst of a destructive plot to destroy the life after life, the plot is engineered by monstrous creature known as Eledactyl and the only way to escape is by rubbing its bottom from the inside. She wants vengeance and from none other than Death’s masters for the love she has had to leave behind on planet Earth. Things lead to more things and there are creatures’ unknown, mighty eagles and bad puns that have the power to kill.
The writing, at most places laced with humour will make you think and ponder over the vicissitudes of the urban life. However, certain situations and scenes have been literally coaxed into the narrative simply because they sound “funny” but hardly go with the flow. Take the pun intended on the mythological characters; it is full of caricatures and so out of place.
I particularly enjoyed the fun thrown in by the Agatha Christie who functions as a psychic detective even though there are logical inconsistencies and half-hearted attempts to make it tonally in sync with other characters. But then, when you have stepped on the genre of fantasy within fiction; such kind of liberties becomes inevitable. But these nitpickings have nothing to do with the fun you will have while on the ride of reading this book.  Read it on a day when you are in a cynical mood, you will enjoy it even more.
PS:  If all indications go by, there is a sequel in the making.  I must say, bring it on!
Reviewed by Amit Gupta


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