Book Review: The Newsroom Mafia — By Oswald Pereira

“A definite page-turner, startling performance and a must read.”  These are the words I whispered to myself after finishing this book – a film crying to be made. A very planned and well researched story on the evergreen theme of mafia and underworld. During the read, I saw  interesting, super hit movie scenes combined in a manner that one suspense reveals another every single time. There are times when reader’s mouth remains open because of smooth cold blooded murders or rich conversation between notorious Don and his greedy brothers.

A journalist turned novelist, Oswald Pereira provides an insider’s view on the culture of the media world. ‘The Newsroom Mafia’ is a title capturing the links between the fourth estate, the underworld and the government of Mumbai. Story is surrounded by politics, planned and planted incidents and notorious people of the newsroom press, underworld and corruption in media.

“When super minded police officer Donald Fernandez declares an arrest of notorious don Narayan Swamy, The Newsroom press prints such blasting news before his arrest! Oscar, a reporter who wrote the story gets screwed up on a bigger issue of the story before it actually happens. The don Narayan Swamy, backed by powerful politicians and super cool journalists uses his dirty tactics and power, and saves himself at all time. Now a racy, cold blooded war starts and, in the end all truth triumphs.” 

So basically,  “In the struggle to survive between the good and the evil , writer Oswald gives silent message to be good and non-corrupt.” I would give this book a 4 star.

— Reviewed by Jitesh Donga


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