Book Review : The Last Ten Percent

“Focus on relevant”, “Never sell what you are not”, “Set expectations and manage perceptions” – Mantras for conquering the business world and more in ‘The Last Ten Percent’ by TGC Prasad. 

What is the book all about? 

Nothing is perfect in this world. There is a scope to improve everything – be it a product, a service, a process or the entire experience that is being offered by a marketer. Many falter in delivering a near perfect task. The author refers this near perfect delivery as “The last ten per cent” which is where most of the products/service fail to sustain the excellence. But it is possible. May not be possible at the very first attempt, but with the right intent it is possible. Companies have done it and they continue to do so.

Six case studies that will totally set the perspective in place –

“Saturday 6a.m. meetings @Wal-Mart”: is a ritual across its offices which gives recap of all the key happenings of the week which gears up the team for rest of the week more efficiently. Sam Walton the founder has practically invented retailing. He was responsible for large format retailing marts, lowest cost pricing, and discounting. Wal Mart – one of the world’s largest companies has pretty much showed corporate America a new way of doing business.

“Would you rent from us again?” @ Enterprise Rent – A – Car: World’s largest car rental company delivers consistent service quality across its locations.

How would you rate your last Enterprise experience? Would you rent from Enterprise again? With just these two questions response rate increased significantly for the customer satisfaction survey and Enterprise could easily figure out which branches were doing well and which were not.

Good Food , Good Life @ Nestle , Not just a cup of Coffee @ Starbucks , Don’t Believe the hype @ Southwest Airlines , Engage employees, wow customers @ Zappos.

All these companies have got it right. They have somehow managed to achieve that “Last 10 per cent” of service excellence. What they have in common is the philosophy of keeping customers at the heart of whatever they do. And that is what sets them apart. They genuinely believe in delivering a great customer experience; the thinking that accompanies this belief makes all the difference.

Why should you read the book? 

This book has detailed explanation of how to create systems and process within an organisation to deliver the best service to the customer. The very fact being it is not rocket science. It is just about empowering the front liners, having a compelling vision at the top management & CEO levels. It is no doubt a heavy book, loaded with information technical to an extent. But learning and experiences that the author shares is universal. One can relate to most of the key take outs stepping into the shoes of a customer.

“Focus on relevant” – A free vacation to Hawaii on booking a house? A toaster free with the purchase of a washing machine…. Well what are you selling really. I don’t have time for Hawaii and I already have a toaster.

“Never sell what you are not” – A car that can fly? Well I will think that I am sitting in a cockpit and will look for levers to make the car fly !

“Set expectations and manage perceptions”; something that is of utmost importance for running a successful business. Because remember most of the time “Customers do not want freebies”. Really ?

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