Book Review : The Kite Runner — By Khaled Hosseini

It feels great to enjoy reading once again. I had long forgotten the craving for good books, and then along came this. I have read both the good, bad reviews of the same. Some claimed the book is unnecessary melodrama, and cynical, and some praised it being noteworthy attempt. This is the first book by Khaled Hosseini, and I would put myself in the second category people who commented on that.

I would not like to say, that the book passed with flying colors, but I’d surely add the colors it had were surely vivid and impressionable. I found there are too many co-incidences in the book that soon highlights it being work of absolute fiction. There are times where the author does not give reader time to even think, the reader is held captive by the superior narration skills of Mr. Hosseini, and the image of torn and broken Kabul and its tormented inhabitants takes shape before the watery eyes of the reader. The reader forgets himself, and goes deep into the minds of the narrator; he walks with Amir on the broken roads of Mazar-i-Sharif, cries when he hears the news of demise of his relatives. The reader does not know how he becomes part of the novel.

At the same time, there are incidents where, we feel the forged storyline, times when we are forced think the author’s attempts of coloring his characters are not enough. Though this does not make any difference as the whole landscape which the author creates is so compelling that we can not keep the book down until we finish it.

Though it is a fiction, I think the book has a good historical value since it has multitude of references to political and social condition of Afghanistan. It gives a fair idea of how the life of a normal Afghan would have been, how in tormented despair he was. The psychological perils of people of different generations, the overall impact, it had on the minds of all. A tale of a man next door, always presents the exact snapshots of surroundings. The book contains many such references.

I have not read ‘the thousand splendid sons’ yet. Surely I will read it after a while, not just next. But I’ll sure recommend this book to every avid reader out there.

….. Reviewed By Harshal Bhave 


One thought on “Book Review : The Kite Runner — By Khaled Hosseini

  1. Harshal,
    Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful book by this review. I indeed agree with u that it is a good book. I believe the book to be good bcoz of the kind of finer aspects of morality it highlights, for example how finely has the mental tumult of Aamir is described when he sees Hasan being sodomized in lanes of Afghan..!! complexities of human relations are fabulously interwoven with the social hierarchies through many characters…

    I also had a chance to discuss with the other type of lot, who criticize the book… most of them were ppl from Afghanistan, and I could gather that they dislike it because it overdraws the vulnerabilities of the nation… they say, it is not this bad.. and I think we should tone down the book in that regard a bit…

    Thanks again,
    BTW in case u have read "Thousand Splendid Suns" kindly post its review too, (I could not read that somehow)

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