Book Review : The House That BJ Built — By Anuja Chauhan

Another blockbuster from super popular Anuja Chauhan, reviewed by our iMelonite Anusha Judith. 
The House That BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan is the much anticipated sequel to the widely popular Those Pricey Thakur Girls and it does not disappoint. It will match your expectation, and go way, way beyond it.
The beloved Thakur clan is back and this time one views them through the eyes of Bonita Singh Rajawat. Yes, the little androgynous kid from Pricey is all grown up now and she is as feminine as a girl gets. She is not the typical Anuja-ish heroine like Zoya Solanki or Debjani Thakur. She is edgy and gritty, her opinion on her aunts will make you look at, your beloved A, B, D and E characters in a new light altogether. She loves the Hailey road house like a person and is unwilling to let it go.
Like every Anuja book, there is a 100% hotness guaranteed, drool-worthy male protagonist – Samar Vir Singh. The ambitious teenager, who had great plans for Eshu in Pricey is now a hot-shot, award – winning Bollywood director, with people running at his beck and call. He is trying hard to fulfill the promise that he made to his beloved BJ, “ sell the house and divvy the money amongst all.”
Anuja has not only retained the familiar old characters : Sateesh, Bhudevi, Gulgul bhaisaab and Ashok chacha but also added more colorful ones: Biren Tring and N. Tring, Zeeshan Khan and a few others.
The House That BJ Built primarily deals with the Thakur clan’s family feud over the sprawling mansion on Hailey Road. They must survive the external attacks, from conniving politicians and plotting family members, to internal resistance from one among them. To this she adds some current affairs topics, in her trademark humour and wit. She generously peppers her characters with memorable lines and names, my favorite being “Look Hair” and Shahrukh Paperwalla, along with Pasta and Pow.
Reading Anuja Chauhan is like slipping into your comfy PJ’S after a hard day of work. Her characters are familiar and fun. Her writing as always makes one laugh out loud, till tears rolls down one’s stomach. The story is realistic and engrossing.
Word of Caution : You mind will jostle between devouring the book (rapid reading) and savouring it (slow reading), then it will decide on devouring it the first time. Savour it in the next.
I loved this book and I can’t wait to read what Anuja has in store for us next.

Reviewed by: Anusha Judith 
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