That Woman You See — By Sujata Parashar

sujataI like reading short stories, and I love reading short stories on the same genre as a collection. This anthology is a collection of 9 short stories, all of which are women-related. While by the cover and title, one might think that this book is about feminism or super successful women, they are in for a surprise. This book is about women like you and me. These women are neither supreme power not victims; they are other women who had a tale just like us.

While all the nine stories are realistic, the author weaves a magic of making the stories more appealing and enticing to fiction lovers with her narrating style.

What I personally liked about the narration style is that it is neither preachy nor too subtle. The author’s narration strikes the right chord. While, I did feel that at some points editing was a bit out of track, the storyline of each of the story kept me hooked to the novel.

The story by each has its own share of emotions and sentiments. While Ganga’s story was quite touchy, Riddhima’s story was cute, which made me smile. Each woman in every story was realistic, sensible, and in one way or another, they were inspirational. This book is something that you can pick for a quick read through a train journey. Alternatively, this book can be like a Chicken Soup, to read one short story at a time, at your leisure.

These nine women are the ones that you see every day; they can be your mom, sister, friend, acquaintance, or a stranger you met in the train. In short, this book is something that people will relate to irrespective of gender, caste, and other diversities.

About the Author:

sujata parasharSujata Parashar, is a novelist, poet, short story writer and social worker.Her best – selling debut novel, ‘In pursuit of infidelity,’ (Rupa and co., 2009) explored the man –woman relationship outside the institution of marriage from a modern woman’s perspective. The second in the series, ‘In Pursuit of Ecstasy,’ (Rupa and co., 2011) studied the youth -parent relationship in modern times and made an attempt to portray how the seeds of dissension between the two impacts society at large. The book was long listed for the Economist Crossword Book Award 2012. Her latest novel, the third in the “Pursuit” series, ‘In Pursuit of a Lesser Offence,’ was released in 2014 (Alchemy) and explores the relevance of institution of marriage in current times. Her first short – fiction, ‘Wake me only when the Sun is high,’ (2011), and her first book of poems in the series, ‘Poetry Out and Loud,’ (2012) have won awards. Sujata is active in the literary circle and contributes to literature as member, planning board, Kumaon Literary Festival, (KLF) and Delhi Poetry Festival, (DPF). She holds a Masters in Human Rights and is a certified Travel and Tourism professional. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


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