Book Review : Soldier & Spice – By Aditi Mathur Kumar

Ever wondered what makes a Wife so rhyming with Life ?

Oh yes! Wives sprinkle savoring flavors in the otherwise monotonous life of bachelor men. Here comes a witty and wholesome entertaining piece from debut Author, Aditi Mathur Kumar, who proves it again that wives actually make it all spicy not only in their soldier’s life but also in and around them. They are most definitely the better half; let’s keep it a little biased ! 

Yes, this ‘quick, entertaining and on the go’ work comes well packaged in a book titled ‘Soldier and Spice’. 

I am sure the theme will get your eye, though the cover page is plain and simple, but to convince you further just turn to the contents page. The hilarious, quirky, one liners will get you in the mood to pick this one. I so loved these…

‘Combating Temptation and competition’,
‘Cultural Shifts and the Art of Learning Fast/ Pretending’

The pages within contain a rollicking account of a young, sweet, chirpy girl of twenty six who has chosen an army man as her soul mate.

Army life is not what we civilians know much. So what happens when the protagonist Pia,who has not known anything about the ‘defense life’ beyond her husband, Captain Arjun Mehra moves in the whole wide, mysterious world of the Army campus? First year is always sweet and special as marriage throws a set of experiences but for her it’s definitely much more. She has protocols to follow in, get chatty maintaining decorum, dress up trendy while keeping sober, pitch in unique ideas for Ladies meet and volunteer heartily in Welfare functions because it’s actually different here, the people, the vast social circle, the culture… everything goes beyond the civilian’s life.
The defense service has always been considered a sacrosanct profession, it’s quite demanding too. A great deal of discipline goes in there and then there are other things to meet too like the regularly changing postings, patrols, regulatory jobs, trainings, wars, living away from family. How do the better halves deal with the extraordinary challenges and what’s their life like when there’s so much happening in the spouse’s life? Pia ‘tells a tale’ of it all to give us a peek in the world that exists in real but not for the civilian people like us. There are some very interesting characters etched in ‘Army wifeys’ names to read through. The relationship between senior and junior wives, the daily ordeals, Arjun’s accident, misunderstandings on the campus etc. keep her on toes and make her journey tumultuous and hazy. Yes, our adorable Pia overcomes it all with flying colors but its interesting because the reader will know that all is going to be well eventually, but they won’t know what is going to happen or quite how is Pia going to get there – and if she will have her wits about her when she does.

Overall, its a very easy read that doesn’t need a special occasion or mood to suit it.The story doesn’t aim to preach, or give a moral lesson. It is just an insider’s account of the mysterious Army life, a look at what happens behind the closed guarded gates of Army stations.

At the end, the book does leave you wondering about the charms of your husband’s profession. And Pia stays with you for long because somewhere we all connect with her. She is the girl who is in us. She does it all to adjust to the new life but in her own way because she is warm and passionate. 

If you are not craving for some real serious stuff, pick this one for sure!

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oldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life
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