Book Review : Seriously, Sitara ? — By Nishat Fatima

Stories of 30 something, unmarried, independent and successful women seem to be really catching up these days. Given the social set up today, there are many women who believe in chasing things that according to them are more important than, well ….  men, marriage and things that follow. Hence stories that highlight their independent and uncompromising side appear very real and intriguing. While this attitude towards life may raise a few eyebrows, but their stories definately end up being interesting and worth telling. As a reader, I get very involved in these kinds of stories. I anxiously wait for a picture perfect happy ending to their lives. Knowing very well that it is a certainty in a novel always if not in real life.
Seriously, Sitara,? follows a similar storyline and a very filmy setting. Well literally so! Sitara Gopalasundaram , is a journalist with a very classy magazine called Homme and Naseer Khan is a movie star. Destined and often conspired to meet again and again at random places, they secretly start admiring each other. The paparazzi, ex wife and all the other characters in the story fuel these random encounters which leads to a Cinderella like romance between the two.
Do they really get together? Will Sitara succumb to family pressures to get married, given her history of failed relationships and matrimonial attempts by her parents? What about Naseer, his family, friends, fans and ofcourse ex wife who never seem to become an ex in his life? How does he overcome the baggage that naturally comes from being a movie star? Will the two be able to make peace with each other’s past and live happily ever after?
These questions are no brainer because you do expect a happy ending whatsoever just like our films. However, as they say, often a journey is more interesting than the destination. And trust me reading this book was pretty much like a fantasy ride. 
The author gives a unique treatment to the story and the way it is written doesn’t leave the reader with a single dull moment in the story. The characters are lively and relatable.The power of storytelling is well displayed and a simple story has been given several dimensions and spans out well above 300 pages and that too very convincingly ! 
I will definitely recommend this book to all readers who are bollywood fans and dont mind calling themselves filmy.  Because the central theme however is that simple question which the title poses. This will remain unanswered if you are basically a non filmy person, otherwise you will end up adding a exclamation to it, like I did. 

Seriously , Sitara ? !!!! 

— Reviewed by Priyanka 
Thankyou Hatchette India – (publisher for this book) for making us a part of your world and showering us with books regularly. 

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