Book Review : Seed of Genius — By Ankur Gupta

As you may have observed, rarely we pick a non fiction book for reviewing on The last one that I remember was a book thoroughly read and enjoyed was declared the bible for “marketing” students here

Well, Seed of Genius is not really restricted to any discipline, however the approach towards a correct interpretation and realization of one’s own potential is undoubtedly one of the most important lessons for every student, in fact for every single human being. And this book does exactly that for you. 

So what is so special about this book? How is it different from a host of internationally and nationally created self help books on self development, personality analysis, IQ, EQ, SQs of the world…..? Well  I dont know ….. but to tell you a fact ….. when i picked up this book on a relaxed Sunday evening with an intention to only glance through it and then skip to my usual dose of masala books and movies …fifteen minutes later , I actually ended up picking up a pencil . And in less than half an hour I actively started taking all the quiz modules and questions just like a sincere student trying to finish a work book for a test next day! Well a day well spent is I what I felt when I finished the book. 

So that was my personal experience. But here is what Mr. Arun Wakhlu , one of the most highly respected corporate leadership trainers operating internationally and nationally had to say about the book. Thank You to Mr. Arun for this candid review. On behalf of our team we wish Mr. Ankur Gupta all the very best on his book and yes  for the Ipad versions too! 

Editor – Writersmelon

Here is my tribute to your lovely book:

Let’s start with the first impressions:  In terms of design, this book is brilliant! The book stimulates, inspires, informs and entertains in a simple and easy to access way.I loved the Contents presented as a Mind Map. The choice of fonts, graphics, colours and layouts is creative and refreshing.
The book is a celebration of the Multiple Intelligences that we all have, and also of  the Genius that lies hidden in each one of us.
At a time when we need to awaken people to their full potential, this book comes with a whole lot of practical examples, assessments and tools to boost our Intelligence. Anyone connected with Teaching(especially children) needs to read this book cover to cover, and learn to look at children appreciatively through the multiple lenses that Ankur has provided. Linking the MIs to Career options is a much needed connection. In a country where till recently, Parents could rarely think beyond “Engineer, Doctor and CA”, the book provides pathways to other career options.
Like the colours of a rainbow, humanity is a riot of diverse skills and talents, of cultures and gifts. As we become more conscious of this diversity, we learn to appreciate our differences more. We become more tolerant of differences. We begin to see how the different yarns that we all bring can weave into a tapestry  where all are  needed.
As we stand on the threshold of a new phase in our evolution, may this book awaken us all to the Genius within.  May we all work with our unique intelligences and gifts to celebrate and glorify the One Universal Intelliegence that hold all of Life creatively together.
Arun Wakhlu
Executive Chairman,CXO Coach


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