Book Review : Poor little rich slum — By Rashmi Bansal

 Poor little rich slum – Another packet of inspiration by Rashmi Bansal

They throng temples, fairs, movie theatres, hotels & monuments- begging for the half eaten samosa in your hand pointing to their empty stomach or for cloth to cover their body. Though we may think the common rhetoric that these beggars- rotten eggs of the society are trying to leech money out of our pockets for no apparent reason than they don´t want to work, the truth is far different.
We- the aam junta- have developed a thick skin, regarding the dismal condition that this country is ailing from. For long, the Pachyderms inside our minds have developed and trained a larynx so strong enough that it can handle continuous complains, jeers, bickering and shouts about the dire state the country is suffering from without developing any strain at all.
There are some, like us, who like to whine about it, while there are others who actually do something about it. `I have a Dream´ by Rashmi Bansal tells a tale of 20 such social entrepreneurs, who have not lost the reference point of their heart which is called love and empathy and have tried to bring about a change in the lives of millions of people. In the beginning of the book, the author says that these people aren´t Mother Teresas, they are common men, like you and me, who apply the fundamental principles of business-management transforming lives as a result.
From Sulabh Sauchalays to Micro-Venture Funding, from Right to Information act to Coaching classes- this book covers it all. It is a belief long held by the guys from I.I.M.s across the countries that reading and hearing stories of the Guys Who Made It will inspire, move, and catalyze a change in our actions until we ourselves join their league. Rashmi Bansal of `Stay Hungry Stay Foolish´ and `Connect the Dots´ excels in the craft of story-telling. This is her third book, which, in the similar vein as the previous two tells the life-tales of the guys who roughed it out, following their hearts, ultimately fulfilling their dreams and long held aspirations. The fourth book Poor little rich slum , which is co authored by Deepak Gandhi and embellished by hard hitting photographer Dee Gandhi. 
Poor little rich slum is an attempt to share the expansive experience that the authors had during their visits to Dharavi – the biggest slum in Asia today.  However what lies deep inside these stories is the fact message that – “We can be happy, we can be hopeful, we can be enterprising – no matter where we are. The question is – are you? If Dharavi can , So can I” . 
Well though she tells other people´s stories, she herself is a success story. She had made it her ultimate goal to inspire youths through words. Not only does she etches out bestsellers, she is an owner of a vibrant and fun filled youth oriented magazine J.A.M. (Just Another Magazine), which is quite a rage among the youngsters.
I think you would enjoy it, I did. Nothing is too big, nothing so larger than life that it is insurmountable. After all they did it…
— Vismay Harani


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  1. i read this book not only this i read all book written by rashmi bansal nice . i want to suggest you guys go for bundle offer all book in one pack written by rashmi bansal you can save some time and some money . all book is very nice and inspiring specially who want to be entrepreneur .

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