Book review : Pandeymonium — By Piyush Pandey

Little jargons & no prescription A book of memoirs of ruling the ad world!
Creative Ads that move us and shake us up !
Isn’t it something that each one of us trying to write any god damm thing on earth aspires for? A writing that moves and literally shakes up the readers?
Having lived in chaos , Piyush Pandey claims to have enjoyed chaos all his life . Brought up in a house of 9 children, with 7 elder sisters. Their family wassap group is actually called Pandemonium. Which he says , is his personal Google and also a inspiration to write this book. 
The last day of Tata Literature Live 2015  was all about knowing the crystal clear thinking process of this legendary Ad man.
A packed house and in conversation with advertising professional turned author of many popular novels Anuja Chauhan was a almost a session of quotable quotes. Quotes that are not just inspiring but are simple keys to the overtly jargoned & verbosed world of a marketing professional. The fact that I could relate to almost everything he said with a nodding head and a smile on my face. 
So in a mad mad world of advertising , where it takes a lot of balls and eyeballs to suceed.What really ‘clicks’ for him? Well it is surely the simple clear idea that wins. Something that is way more improtant than many other things that follow in a good ad. And that thinking and quest to find a winning idea comes with tremendous amount of trust that his clients shower upon him. He quotes, “when your client owns your shower time, is when you know you are actually working hard for a winning idea’. 
For those who thought that an idea is an individual conquest, he actually thinks it is a team which makes a ad go from 7 / 10 to 10 /10. Well that was very humble and exactly what the newbies would like to hear. Speaking of newbies in the ad world , Pandey feels that the new lot can create really great ads if they are as connected & inspired from their past as they are inspired from the things that are shaping up the future. Things like the new age , digital , youtube video shedio and all that jazz. Well the touch of humour just breaks out when he says – “This new age media is a spit on your ass or what”? The point being it is always the thought or the idea that is much more powerful than the media. That is debatable isnt it ? 

So basically a Guru Shishya chat with some equally engaging audience (mostly from the mad mad ad world) was there and it made those 2 hours absolutely fruitful at the Prithvi House yesterday. 

The book Pandeymonium , promises a lot of insights and annecdotes from the advertising world. I guess you might pick up the book , if you liked what you just read. Well, many people in the audience did buy the book yesterday. And even if you dont , just ponder upon one line that sort of stayed with me for rest of the evening. 

“No good advertising can sell a bad product twice . It may sell it only for the first time”.

Author: Piyush Pandey
Publisher: Penguin Books India Ltd
Genre:Non-Fiction/ Memoirs / Business / Advertising
Release: October 2015
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