Book Review : Operation Jai Mata Di by Pratik Shah

Diwali, firecrackers, Vaishno Devi and a bunch of people creating ruckus. Pratik Shah weaves suspense in this thriller you’d want to read this festive season. 

What pops up in your mind when we say Diwali? Firecrackers, sweets, lights all over, friends and family. Diwali brings a massive smile on every Indian as it is the time to rejoice and reunite. But what happens if your, and the whole country’s Diwali is spoiled by a few men?

Schemes, strategies, technology, execution, disguise – everything is concocted in this thriller at the feet of Vaishno Devi. With a touching background, the protagonists evolve and fade to make way for the workers of this operation. The story begins with preps of a covert operation that sends a chill through your spine. There’s Vijay, and his memories, Raghuvir, Prakash and others who strategize the beginning of Operation Jai Mata Di. What is the operation? Why did they need to take the pilgrims hostage? Who is the brain behind this operation?
Questions like these arise in your mind when you read the book. Each person has dual identities baring the ministers and it is disturbing. Their intentions are veiled by their actions. Pratik Shah has researched his landscape extensively, with distinct narrations of the landscape and its difficulties. The technology and procedures used for communication are also well explained for readers from non-tech background.
We’re dealing with corruption and filth at every level of governance and administration in the present times. Is there a way to fight it? Well, Pratik shows one for sure. You have to read this gripping thriller to know in details.
Recommended for every young Indian. Read it and take a pledge to at least not tolerate corruption around you.


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Pratik Shah wrote his first quarter-novella when he was a kid. Those were the days when we played in the CIA – KGB cold war turf. And so inspired he was, a boy, whole of 13 years, that he spent an entire day scribbling notes till his friends came calling for an evening game of soccer. In those couple of hours, he must have written nearly 5,000 words. Now many a sun-sets later (and a few strands of grey hair), he sits in Mumbai. Has traveled to a few parts of the world. One of his short stories – Wavering Bounds – has been published in a book ‘Inner Voices’, Mirage Publications, India, as one of the winners of a worldwide short story contest held in 2008. Has written blogs and short-stories which have been well received. He’s a blogger at a private blog, and a poet (well, self-acclaimed). He’s also an engineer and a management graduate from IIM, Ahmedabad.
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