Book Review : Nazaqat – By Sasha Singhal

 A prostitute turned entrepreneur, who hires a ghost writer to make a biography.

A murder that she was acussed for and her vision to legalize prostitution completely in India

A parallel conspiracy that threatens her life and her vision.
The forgotten tale of a mermaid, that must be told.
Time is ticking and history shall be altered.

What will be the fate of Nazaqat?

Will she succeed in her vision or will she end up as a victim?
Here’s a peek into this strikingly different book, by our in house bibliophile and a proud iMelonite – Roshni Nair.

I picked up this book for review after putting down a fantastic thriller and kept my fingers crossed that it does not dilute my previous feeling of worldly escapade.  Nazaqat happens to be the first book I have read with prostitution as its main theme and the typical stereotypical images of dimly lit rooms and the unfair and often submissive state of affairs with these women crept into my mind. The book left me pleasantly surprised.
The protagonist, Naazani Singh Shekawat, is a simple girl who begins her tryst with prostitution, not out of force but willingly.  Her character has been beautifully etched in the form of three personalities, each with a voice of its own. Her transition from Naazani to Naez to Nazaqat is subtle and crafted well. The story depicts her journey through a lonely childhood, perplexed teenage and adulthood where she finds her sense of worth.  Nazaqat shatters all preconceived notions of this profession and is portrayed as an elegant diva completely at ease with herself and basking in her independence.
Many years after she has quit the profession and is an entrepreneur, she finds herself in a new series of dramatically obscure events.  As she tries to legalize prostitution in India, she finds herself embroiled in a murder.  The narration which is part in flashback and part in present is beautifully woven and helps keep the suspense alive till the end.
The book cover is artistic and inviting. Drama, action, emotions and suspense- everything is abundant in this book.  The language the author has used is rich and picturesque. Except for a few loose ends with Naez’s character, the book is well defined and certainly has a long way to go.  The plot is almost flawless and Nazaqat manages to invoke mixed emotions in the reader’s mind. Sympathy and maybe jealousy being the major two.  I would certainly recommend this book to everyone looking for a different and interesting book to read.

— Reviewed by Roshni Nair

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