Book Review : My Clingy Girlfriend — By Madhuri Banerjee

Hilarious, satirical, light, and, you bet – real. Read our review of ‘My Clingy Girlfriend‘ from author and ad filmmaker Madhuri Banerjee.

“Carry two sets of fully charged mobile batteries so you can be in touch with me. Always.”


“You were out DRINKING?! Are you cheating on me?” 
“Why aren’t we getting married yet?”



Well, you guessed it right. These are ramblings and cribbing of a clingy girlfriend whom everyone wants to avoid. Can you imagine how sacrilegious it is for a guy, that too a Bengali, to watch his cricket match lying on the sofa all weekend? What happens when the clingy girlfriend refuses him even a cup of chai and the sacred remote control?
Madhuri Banerjee delves deep into the psyche of a Bengali bachelor named Obrokanti. To describe his character as that of a pantha (idiot) in the family as compared to his suave cousin might ring a bell in many! He’s been a ‘good boy’ all his life, pampered and cajoled by his mumma to study hard and make it big. In a gist, Obrokanti is a reflection of a million Indian boys who don’t have a choice other than being the quintessential ‘good boy’ whom everyone loves but no one admires. Come time and Obro leaves for greener pastures in Mumbai, with his mum calling each day to ask a very important thing – “Kheyecho?” (Have you had your meal?)

Once you get into Obro’s skin, you’re bound to feel sorry for him. Living with a girlfriend who doesn’t have a job and looms over the household as an eagle is a humongous task. Radha is all that you wouldn’t want your girlfriend to be. You’d rather missile her to your enemies and destroy them. The fact that she’d call you every ten minutes in office is enough to send a chill through your spine. The fact that you can’t chat with your cousin because Radha suspects you’re flirting with her is profane. As you go through the chapters, one half of you will be in splits for Obro’s escapade from Radha’s clutches; while the other half will feel bad for the naïve girl. She’s not a bad one; she’s just a mismatch for our guy.
The morons in Obro’s office, his pesky neighbours who think they’re married already, Radha’s plans for the GRAND wedding (mehendi, sangeet included) are hilarious. The second half of the book has much more masala than the first one, who knows it might even land up in Bollywood! Madhuri has written each word from the guy’s perspective, explaining his woes and worries like a guy would do and she’s done a commendable job at this experiment. It’s a light-hearted satire not only on the clingy girlfriend but also the clueless boyfriend who knows nothing about a relationship.
Pick up this one, it’s hilarious, satirical, light, and, you bet – real. Get a primer for identifying and avoiding the clingy girlfriends.
Madhuri Banerjee is the best-selling author of five novels. She is also the writer of the successful Bollywood film, Hate Story 2. She has a blog on CNN-IBN called Chastity Belt. She has her own production house and is an ad film director. She was a columnist with the Asian Age for two years and currently has a column in Maxim magazine. She has also won a National Award for her documentary on women’s issues called Between Dualities. Currently she is the face of Revlon as their Relationship Expert.
She Tweets with the handle @Madhuribanerjee and has over 16,000 followers who love her relationship advice. Her personal blog, has over four lakh views already. She is a world traveller, an avid reader, a coffee addict, an amateur photographer, an Instagram addict, a doting mother, and a fashion advisor.
Her observations of the male species and tales of her personal life in reverse format has made her write this book, a completely different take from any writing she’s ever done before!

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