Book Review : Moments of Truth

Not your average B-school story, ‘Moments of Truth‘ by Nimish Tanna has much more to make you think. Our reviewer Namrata was glad to read the book it seems. 

A day spent at a wedding dancing till your feet are sore surely leads to a night where you sleep like a baby. But in my case it changed the moment I held the book “Moments of truth” by Nimish Tanna in my hands. The book had just arrived in the afternoon and I hadn’t got time to flip through its pages for obvious reasons.
As I lay there on the bed just moments before I slept off, I opened the book read 2-3 pages ( In a futile attempt to get a hang of the book) and ended up reading it completely that night from 1:30 am to 4 am. Books do that to me, take away my hunger, sleep or fatigue replacing it with a madness that only books can satiate.

Coming to this book, the story begins on a very high note with a lot of suspense and intrigue so much that it piques the reader’s curiosity that you want to know what happened next and why. After 2.5 hours of nonstop reading I finally reached the end and fell asleep in the wee hours of morning with a smile on my face.

As I said about the beginning is superbly narrated but the ending is a disappointment. The suspense that is built up raises hope to a very high level and the story along with the secrets doesn’t match up to that level. The story is very well narrated, carefully plotted with no loose ends at all. It is held tightly in those words and it creates the desired effect in the terms that it makes the reader smile, think and also feel the romance in those words. But if I were to see the whole picture taking into consideration the bombastic beginning is when I feel the story wasn’t what I was expecting.

Having said all of the above this book surely has a huge connectable point in terms of the characters who seem so believable, they could you, they could me, they could be anyone around us. And it is this point which makes the story close to our heart. For me it was more of a walk down the memory lane reminiscing about the days when I was lost standing at the crossroads of life not knowing where it was all leading to. It is a fun read definitely enjoyable till the last page.

The pros:

The authors command over English – after a long time I read a book which is no typos, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes making it a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Again, it is the author’s narrative style that makes a plot as thin as this seems so interesting that you want to read till the 235th page and find out what happened.

The author’s language which is lucid and yet impact creating, he manages to grab your attention in the first few lines itself.

The romance described in the book, the magic of friendship and the subtle surprises life keeps throwing at us- are actually the ones who have some of the high points of the book. They make you smile, cry and enjoy the journey with the main protagonists as if it were your own.

The cons:

The ending was a little dull, compared to the entire built up of the whole story since the beginning. Or maybe the beginning was so well written that I was expecting too much from the ending as well. The author raised my expectations to an extent that I wanted nothing but the best from him.

And that stands true; the author has a lot of potential which shows in the book, be it his story writing skills or narration. It is the plot that faltered here, nothing else. For a debut author he has done an excellent job is holding the reader’s attention till the last page.

Over all, a surely recommended read more for the author’s writing than the storyline or the plot.

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