Book Review : Mid-Career Crisis — By Partha Sarathi Basu

Mid-Career Crisis‘ – a disease slowly creeping into our society and diagnosed aptly by Partha Sarathi Basu. Read on. 

“Your career is part of your life. Don’t allow situations to arise wherein your career steals your life.” – Mohit Lal, MD, Pernod Ricard India Pvt Ltd.
With quotes as strong as these, ‘Mid-Career Crisis’ arrives to address some issues and solve some more for us. Most people working in the Corporate world tend to lose themselves in the unending and twisted maze of ladders (and snakes that pull them down). Your boat might sail you through to the shore or tend to wreck in mid-career, if you don’t fathom the Corporate sea.
MCC (Mid-Career Crisis) has been defined extraordinarily well by the author and I’m afraid it might soon turn into a disease, with no apparent cure. It’s true that there aren’t enough books to help you through this turmoil. There can’t be a manual or rulebook to Corporate life, right? Each person has to face different situations which might apparently look the same to outsiders. There are some common symptoms though that have been identified and diagnosed by Partha Sarathi Basu with his vast experience in the industry and his unique knack of observing people.

Beginning with the five stages of career to the confusions which are symptoms of MCC, the book is hugely useful. There are real life stories to inspire and caution, of which I found Avik and Aparna’s stories the most common. I’ve seen people crumble in mid-career after a very successful stint, not knowing where to go next. If you can relate to these symptoms, try to follow the examples stated in this book and act accordingly. You wouldn’t want to be stuck into a pool of MCC, waiting to be drowned into stress and depression.
The second half of the book inspires you as leading professionals of the country share their experiences and tips to overcome MCC. Learn from their lessons, follow their path, draw inspiration from them – there’s enough stuff to sail you through the crises. Good luck with that and we have to thank Partha Sarathi Basu enormously for writing such an insightful book.
Partha Sarathi Basu was born and raised in Kolkata. After graduating from St Xaviers college, he completed ICWA, DBF and Business Leaders Programme from IIM, Calcutta. He has worked for many leading corporates like Coca-Cola India, Whirlpool India, IFB Group, Tata Man GHH Ltd, Spice Jet Limited and has extensively travelled the world. Partha loves to read, travel, watch movies and play sports. He is a guest lecturer in management institutes and contributes articles in magazines.
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