Book Review : Manhattan Mango — By Madhuri Iyer

Who wouldn’t love to rejoice the nostalgic days of friendship when it’s relived through pacy, spicy and entertaining chapters? The characters and their idiosyncrasies are well etched and believable while the storyline brews fun at every page of the book. The writing style of the author stands witty, stylish and engaging.  Madhuri Iyer aptly succeeds in connecting with her readers. I would say the chic-lit packs a punch because it is themed around much loved aspects of life- Fun, Freedom and Friendship

 I concur as put in the blurb, ‘You won’t want any stops in between.’

Manhattan Mango by Madhuri Iyer, the book chosen for Author’s Corner this month is doing rounds for all good reasons. With an attractive cover page that boasts of friendship as its theme and a vibrant blurb to its credit, this freshly minted piece of fiction is promising definitely. This one touches upon sweet and sour vagaries of life with a dash of spice. The book having won an offer for its adaptation into Bollywood flick is riding high already.               


The Ganpat Gang is the heart and soul of the book.  Neel, Shanks and Shri are three friends from Mumbai who keep their friendship live and rocking in New York. Their whirligig of Manhattan city life comprises of their jobs, parties, booze, occasional hook ups, girlfriends and their parental wisdom.  The bachelors are particular about their buddy- bonding, stress busting weekly get –together where they gang up to commit all that is boyish. The big change happens soon and the privacy is intruded when the ‘only boys’ thing gets a new gang member-yes, a girl!  Shefali, the affluent girl is a complete charmer.

The ups and downs of Shanks romance with Chinese colleague Vivian is a beautiful part of the storyline. Neel, the smartest one is head over heels in love with his maid’s daughter. Love of one and lust of another leads to complications and extreme drama. And when we all think it’s all fine in Shri’s life, he has a secret to share. Despite of the love angles, friendship rules in and out of the book.

The youthful appeal keeps it going all along. There is blend of emotional roller-coaster ride, sea-sawing sentiments, vulnerable revelations and hearty talks. While Shank’s Mum is a tough nut to crack, Shri has a confession to make to his parents. The book reiterates that Indian parents and their insecurities for their children undergo no change in any part of the world.  So while our generation is blamed to be ignorant of parent’s aspirations and values, it isn’t so. What we basically root for is freedom to take our decisions. Gladly, it’s well put in the book.

The book has a beautiful blend of ‘Indian-ness’ and ‘Foreign-ness’. It’s worth time and energy. Makes for a perfect in-flight or Sunday afternoon read. It touches upon many truths of life with a zesty fervor. Best of all, it conveys the message that true friendship is about holding on to each other in the worst of times. There are few pages which could have been done away with but then nothing is boring in the book.  

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  1. The review is short, crisp and makes one to go grab a copy. With flicks like 3 Idiots starring Aamir registering success at Box Office were successful adaptations from popular books, sure the movie based on this story would also be well received.

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