Love lasts forever — By Vikrant Khanna

Two love stories set in two different timelines narrated simultaneously with ease is how I would define Vikrant Khanna’s ‘Love lasts forever…’.
Now is there anything common between the two stories? Are they inter-related?
Well, the common factor is that in both the stories love budded and bloomed in the teens and culminated in marriage when the protagonists were not even fully aware of the responsibilities that accompany marriage.
……..End result, the marriages run into rough weather.

‘Love lasts forever..’ is the story of Ronit a sailor and Shekhar his captain. Told in first person by Ronit the story is divided into three parts. Though the story unfolds in the year 2011, the author very cleverly takes us back and forth between the periods 1969- 2011 without so much as making us yawn.

Interspersed with humor, romance and serious moments, this book is not only about love. It is also the story of the life of the seafarers who cross the waters shipping essentials risking their lives not only to the waves but also to the sea pirates.
Times have changed and so too the concept of marriage. Today instances of love- marriages, failed marriages and divorces are on the increase and in majority of the cases the reason for failure is the uncompromising attitude of the partners. Ego takes over and love fails.The characters are well etched with all their imperfections. The author has done justice to every single character that finds a place in the book.Language is simple, lucid and engaging. The terror, the trauma that the sea-farers on board Ronit’s ship face on being held captive by the Somalian pirates is transmitted to the reader with ease. The twist at towards the end is something to look out for.Overall a truly wonderful book, an easy read.
Some really beautiful lines from the book ,
 “Love doesn’t have a manufacturing date; it doesn’t have an expiry date either.”
“Only when you lose a person do you realize their true worth in your life.”


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