Just The Way You Are — BY Sanjeev Ranjan

just the way you areLove happens when you least expect it.

Sameer is a Steve Jobs fan, a consultant at an investment bank and a confused soul looking for love. As he moves cities to study and work, he falls in and out of love, but fails to find the one person who belongs with him. In comes Shagun, whom he marries. But he leaves the very next day for Switzerland to start a dream Job. In the meantime, Shagun starts reading his diary! What does she find in there? Will this spell the end of their marriage? With Sameer not around to defend himself, what is the future of their relationship?

Just the Way You Are is a humorous, heart-warming story about one man’s quest for true love.

The extremely gorgeous cover picture of the book is fascinating enough to turn your head and lure your attention to pick it up. And if you do, then the blurb will definitely cloud your mind with thoughts and questions about love, marriage and work- the everyday common issues of our dear life.

The book begins on a strong promising note. Sameer, the protagonist is unapologetically ambitious. He is completely sure of his professional goals and is radical, dedicated but still somewhat confused and weak when it comes to his personal life.

The author has decently crafted myriad shades of his protagonist’s personality, be it the ‘young, desperate lovelorn Sameer’ who at one point grooms affluently to visit pubs and be a part of the ‘cool-gang’ or the ‘grown up established Sameer’ in quest for a soul mate who could just complete him. Well, this part of the novel was very relatable and would instantly strike a chord with the GenX brigade. However, Sameer’s attempts and efforts fall flat and a bulb of wisdom awakens him to eventually concentrate on his MBA. Life seems to be back on track but a quest for love brushes his heart time and again. And then enters Tanvi, bringing some love to his much deserted single life. Sadly, it was short lived and dissipates into thin air. Sameer moves on until one day destiny bestows an encounter with Shagun who is positively luminous and that breeze of fresh air Sameer was looking for. She is independent, smart, extremely gorgeous and mature enough to take the stride of life on her own terms. The scenes between Sameer and Shagun are etched nicely and warm up the reader’s heart with unconditional love.

The good thing about the books is it unravels through the corridors of age, time and experience to find the true meaning of love.

I would say that the book voyage Sameer’s life through his diary traveled by his wife Shagun. The novelty of the concept is pretty realistic but the execution is tad lame and disappointing. Sanjeev has flesh out a decent narrative. The writing is flawlessly smooth and engaging. The mummy notes (though sweet and lovely) at times felt ‘too much’ as if the author has put his creative hat to bring humor only by the family angle. Sadly, the beautiful concept has run out of steam and the result is a lukewarm mash-up. I would say it’s a one time casual read and will go by 3 stars out of 5.

sanjeev ranjanAbout the Author: 

Sanjeev Ranjan is the bestselling author of “In Course of True Love! (2012)” and “It’s No Longer A Dream! (2014)”. An ardent lover of western classical and instrumental music, he enjoys reading. He has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and relationships. “Just The Way You Are” is his third novel published by Random House India.  Currently he resides in New Delhi.

Author: Sanjeev Ranjan
Publisher: Random House India
Release: December 2014
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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