Book Review : It’s Never Too Late — By Priyanka Baranwal

Woman, either called the fairer sex or weaker sex, has always been a victim of morbid theories. She is termed weak because she doesn’t get harsh, violent or physical in her revenge and fair because she is beautiful, joyful and pleasurable to look at. The men have always loved to keep the woman in the closet and our society for that matter has grown on the thought that a woman needs a man to accompany her, to protect her, to save her always. I definitely love the men standing for us but we shouldn’t be too meek to handle it on our own.

Whenever a lady is found vulnerable, she becomes a treat for mischief! How atrocious but true! It happens because the bullies know that a woman is too weak to rebel or fight out. And more the society has come to live and be overshadowed by the word ‘fear’ because the laws have failed to play their significant part.  The miscreants are rarely found guilty and the victim bears the brunt. Thus we all love to be safe and cozy; we prefer to keep our men around us to protect us and most of the times they hover around us to give all the love, pampering, affection and protection. But what happens when they aren’t around, can we handle?

The women of 21st century are not supposed to take violence, physical abuse, molest, attack or rape silently. It’s time that we fight back. We need to overcome our fear someday, we need to realize our strength and we need to strongly give it back to the hooligans.  Of course, because we are less than none!

Debutant author, Priyanka Baranwal’s book ‘Its Never Too Late’ is a simple story woven around a strong theme which advocates that a woman has to decide to fight her fears and destiny one day.

Maya and Rajat make a great couple with a daughter Sejal. As the story unfolds, we get to know that the husband and wife had studied together in IIT and that was where their love had blossomed. The author has crafted a healthy and beautiful relationship between the two, decorating their romantic story with lots of love, adulation and respect for each other.

It’s all going so wonderful in their life until fate decides to play its tunes. Due to ill health Maya stays back home with Sejal and Rajat is supposed to attend his cousin’s wedding alone. In ten years of marriage Maya had never lived without Rajat (a little unrealistic though but must say quite a blessed couple) and that one night when she does, two culprits take her for an unexpected ride of life.

It was both fearful and hurtful to read what they did to the women but Maya, the strong survivor did not give in easily to their demands. She fought for herself, for her daughter and for her husband. She played with her mind and her actions till the last. The unwavering resolve triumphed in the end! Kudos….
Maya is a woman of today. She is confident and has a mind of her own and best of all, she inspires everyone to overcome their fears.

Hits and Misses:
Author Priyanka Baranwal, A newbie who has given us a strong theme seems thoughtful about societal needs. She has built a very simple story from our surroundings. Any woman living in the neighborhood could be attacked this way as in the book, thus the readers will connect.
However, the college campus love story was nothing new on the platter and it turned out too predictable as well. But I would love to appreciate the section of the book where the protagonist Maya is attacked. This is the USP of the story. 

The theme resonates with our fears, and instills courage to fight it out till it can be done.

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