Book Review : If Truth Be Told

This is the story of the ultimate realization – ‘I am what I have been seeking’. It is the real story of a monk who has renounced the world and lives in the Himalayan foothills. The memoir is about Om Swami’s life. To add to its true essence, the book is complemented with a lovely blurb and a striking but subtle cover page.

Through this book we get to read about a simple and God fearing boy Amit, who later becomes a multimillionaire in Australia and eventually gives up the worldly pleasures to achieve spiritual enlightenment at the age of thirty. Honestly, I was absolutely stunned with this inspiring story of transformation. I still wonder what gave him the conviction to choose the hardships, the starvation and the solitude over the materialistic pleasures of life. As a mortal of least spiritual understanding I ask – Aren’t we all too lost in living a rat race? How often somebody does something like him to seek his/her soul’s pleasure?

As I read the book, I felt enriched. I loved the depth of each chapter as he explains how things conspired to help him achieve what he wanted. The tale of Swamiji inspires to work for our goals till the last breath. Indeed, he was a born spiritual seeker and it wasn’t something that happened to him in a year or two but yes he had the courage to seek his truth. In fact for some years, he did try distracting his mind but it did not help until he gave up all to answer his inner call. He most desperately desired Divine Mother’s blessing.

The chapters ‘Renunciation, Siddha, A Dog’s life, Letting Go’ tell us about the hardships that he underwent but not even once did he lose his focus. Living in the Himalayas in solitude with only a piece of cloth to cover the body and a thin bedding to lie down, it isn’t any man’s forte but after reading his survival and spiritually enlightening story I have developed immense respect for him. Om Swami is the monk who stood through all testing times until he made his inner soul’s cup empty and met Mother Divine in the Himalayan cave.

As a student he had the dedication to make the best of his life. With honesty, he worked hard day and night and with turn of things in his favour, soon became the CEO of his company. The chapter where he talks about his journey from $15 to $250,000 is attractive because it inspires us all to do our things in life with complete dedication.

The best part of the book is that it neither preaches spirituality nor does Swamiji seek to increase followers. He has simply laid bare his piece of truthfulness. It totally depends on us as to how and where we apply it in our lives.

To end it all, I would say I am lusting to read more from him and thus I am off to his blog. Personally, I would have loved to know more about meditation, tantras, powerful mantras and also how we can make them a part of our life everyday.

The book ends on a beautiful message from Om Swami.

Seek your liberation by finding what matters to you and by living your life to the fullest. Rewrite your rules, redefine yourself. Don’t let life slip you by. You are a master of infinite possibilities.

I’ve given you my truth. Go discover yours.

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  1. Dear M,
    This is the most amazing book, i came across and i am fortunate that he knows me in person and loves me,i was greatest moment when he gave my copy and annotated
    "My Dearest Jayant OM
    I love you
    Always by your side


    For me he is world, he is my father, My mother my world starts with him


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