Book Review : I am Life — By Shraddha Soni

Have you ever wondered “Who you are?” and “Who do you want to be?“ – questions that we often ask .The answer although is not as simple and short as the questions and takes an entire lifetime to answer.  But if you are fortunate, you will meet people, go to places and experience things that will help you come closer to the answer. And without any doubt , this book did that to me.

From the very childhood , I have been introduced to spirituality. Yes spirituality and not religion and its methods and practices.  Recognize the inner potential and value the precious life and opportunities that it brings in are thoughts that came very naturally to me. And perhaps to many others as well with or without any formal initiation to spirituality. “I am Life” was an instant connect and so was the author Shraddha Soni. When I met her at a café in Juhu, little did I know that her book could have so much impact on my thought process.  It was just a regular meeting , another regular book and another regular author’s corner feature for a debutante author who was basking in her new found glory of getting published. I then went on to my year end vacation, much like the protagonist Sid in the book and started reading all throughout my journey. I generally take about a week to finish a good book and a weekend to finish an average one. But once I started reading this one, I could neither finish the book at one go nor leave it halfway. It is very likely that this book will have the same impact on you as well.

Siddharth Khanna who later evolves as the modern day Arjuna, has been beaten up by life very badly. He lost his company, his family and almost everything that he had created for his new life in New York a decade back. He is shattered emotionally and experiences a complete void in his life. After a long night and many rounds of scotch ; Sid types the word “God” in the Google home page. The next day he finds himself booked for a forty one day stay at an ashram called The Happy Yogi in Rishikesh. 

And then begins the story of a New Yorker, a wanderer and a lost soul Sid in the country of three hundred and thirty million gods – India. He moves from one Ashram to other, meets various kinds of people and experiences an entire range of emotions. Coming back to India : a place where he had buried his childhood dreams eleven years ago was life changing for him. He turns into a completely different person who is now closest to his own life, is aware of his true calling and starts valuing every aspect of his life.

It is almost a cliché to say that “Journey holds more significance than the destination”. Sid and his journey into his own life is as interesting as any other popular fiction. But then comes the “twist”. Yes  something that I would call a breakthrough genre for the book. Bold attempt by the author. And imagination that indeed comes from very deep realization. But having said that.. the book never loses its touch of practicality and the regular dose of fiction that we common readers are used to reading in popular fiction titles. I would say the book is a breakthrough genre without  a doubt – A Indian Paulo Coelho is perhaps the best way to describe the kind of book it is. Though I still believe it is unique, one of its kind something that at least I havn’t read so far.

The characters, setting, language is almost flawless. Perfect balance is maintained in the narration to ensure that the reader is glued to the book. The cover design could have been better, a little more detailing in terms of the images keeping the abstract feel intact. The subject and the storyline is so well weaved in the book that it could easily go beyond 300 pages from its current version of 180 pages. 
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