Book Review :Follow every rainbow — By Rashmi Bansal

After the success of  Google, Apple , Facebook  and countless other ventures , the concept of entrepreneurship has achieved an all new status. In addition to the big bucks these successful enterprises were making, their owners were glorified , their stories were being told in movies,documentaries and bestselling books. 
So while we are living in an  environment that is thriving with stories of entrepreneurship and it’s much deserved glorification and attention, it is almost impossible that you haven’t heard about Rashmi Bansal and her series of best selling books starting from Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the dots, I too have a dream , Poor little rich slum . We have reviewed two of them in the past here here
Follow every rainbow is the 5th book by the author ;  the next edition to the series of entrepreneurship stories , handpicked , meticulously researched and this time presented with a “special” touch. 
So what is it that we havn’t read before in her books?  
Things like even if you have best of the degrees you may choose to decline a high paying cushy job , Stay Hungry and foolish and eventually reach greater heights. Everything happens for a reason and you eventually Connect the dots. Whatever be your circumstances you are allowed and expected to dream, dream high. A slum like Dharavi can also foster exemplary entrepreneurial spirit .
Actually to tell you the truth….. This book is also similar. A  collection of successful stories. Only that this time it is dedicated to Women . Yes that makes the book all the more unique in-spite of the author’s tried and tested and fully mastered theme of “inspirational entrepreneurship” .
People look at women with different perspective. Three most prominent roles being that of a mother, a wife and a boss. This book brings out all the three aspects very beautifully . 
Durga : women who have conquered adversities like emotional turmoils of a broken marriage, unsecured  social set up , lack of economic back up etc. Lakshmi : women who could balance their identity that came from a marriage into a traditional family and yet dared to spread their wings and fly. Saraswati : women who were armed with professional degrees and entrepreneurship was a way to gain flexibility , follow a passion and the burning desire for excellence.Follow every rainbow offers stories of some very unique and extremely successful enterprises that women have created and is again a powerhouse of  inspiration and some very relevant and  practical solutions for a fulfilling life.

Again the bottom line is inspiration from struggle and the success  that comes along the way. But things that I found noteworthy in the book are some very finer nuances.  Few tips that every individual irrespective of whether a man or a woman is trying to balance work and family can take away from this book.
Allocate atleast 10% of your earnings to a good reliable domestic help. Keeps you off many unnecessary unproductive thoughts.May be women would app
reciate this insight slightly more 
– Donot try to micro mange everything in your house.Kids are at times best left on their own and only their overall development needs to tracked.
– It is never too late to follow your dreams : If after having two kids , a  36 year old women can start training for mountaineering and become the oldest women to climb Everest , so can you.. 
—- Reviewed by Priyanka Purkayastha 
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