Book Review : Far Beyond The Dead End — By Saikat Baksi

 Have you ever thought about the swiped off civilizations?

What were early settlements like?
What was the system of Trade and Traders in Early Indian Society?
What happened to the Lost River?

Herein, the new book on the block quenches your thirst for ancient civilizations, provides insight into the lost glory and takes you on a fictional ride. The world’s oldest civilization, its history and the unfathomable mystery around it  has been uniquely captured in an imaginative story fitted around those times. A great research work and labor has been put in by the author, Saikat Bakshi.

The blurb is crisp, interesting and convincing. Once you start reading, the first chapter itself , the pace of the plot is set . And then there is no stopping. An air of history comes rushing in when there is mention of Aristobulus, Strabo and Branton together as part of a disturbing dream. And then begins a story of the ancient civilization in the town which was later called the ‘Mound of Dead’. In other words Mohenjo-Daro!


The storyline takes a course around three young, strong and vivid characters Koli, Sindhu and Girad. The character of Koli comes out to be intelligent and enigmatic. The woman is a combination of beauty and brains having a special appreciation and flair for art because her father had an eminent position in the council. In those times, the council was the highest body of art and craft where sculptures, symbols, seals etc. were ideated and agreed upon to carry on trade and other important tasks of the civilization. Sindhu is an artist who plays around with sculptures and dreams to join the council and become a celebrated sculptor someday.  Girad is the notorious trader, wannabe rich merchant who is playful in his acts day and night. He eyes and lusts for Koli while she detests him. So there is someone who helps him in wooing and marrying her, you got to find out for yourself!
The events on every page of the book keep you going. And as the story progresses, readers notice that the author has touched upon many minute details of life and living of ancient civilization simplistically. There is mention of all that compromised of the Harappa era, how their day unfolded, their food, pottery, houses, jewels, art, roads, religion, trade, administration, symbols, practices etc. As a reader I was amused to notice the little things that have been beautifully woven in the story all along.
The behavioral elements in the book were on a high too. Lust, friendship, admiration, hate, sacrifice, revenge have been blended in very well. Amidst all, there is a love story and an impending danger too!!! But that’s not all. The author is impressive when he connects the plot of the story to other important things like how the important symbols and seals were ideated by the artists in the civilization. And more, mysterious killings in succession add to the suspense and thrill perfectly.
Author’s voice in the book is both simple and interesting. It isn’t cluttered neither verbose.  It helps him connect with the readers well. The USP is the flow of the story. Overall, the book is crafted well with a writing style that’s entertaining blended with refreshing vocabulary choices, sentence structure and figurative language.
This one written in a different flavor and genre definitely makes for a quick read. If you have an eye for history or you are looking for something beyond the romantic chic-lits, you will definitely have a great time with the book.

I absolutely enjoyed the rhythm of the story and the clarity of the plot. The twists and turns leave you entertained and especially when it ends, you aren’t satisfied, since it all comes to an end almost suddenly. Like every book, this one too has its highs and lows; however a unique theme outshines everything and makes an interesting read. As a reader, I wondered what could have been another end to the story though the author has done complete justice to it if you see at the magnitude of things he had to handle in one single plot !!

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  1. Yes Ajay , the book really does justice to the backdrop that it has chosen. History is re lived here.
    Do pick up a copy and let us know how you found the book. And if you have a twitter id , take part in the contest too !

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