Book Review : Fall Like A Rose Petal – By Avis Viswanathan

Inspiring, motivating, run-off-the-mill, real life. Fall Like A Rose Petal‘ by Avis Viswanathan book that brings all these and more. Read on…


It is not an easy task to inspire, especially through a book.
But if the inspiration comes through a personal experience, of failing – learning and realizing some universal philosophies of life? Yes …. that’s exactly what grabbed my attention. Also the plain white cover with a single distinct pink rose petal. This book just oozes simplicity and peace in every single page! It serves as a reassurance that everything is going great and things will become even better.
The title – Fall Like A Rose Petal – is basically a Sufi verse and re-tells the philosophy of failing with dignity, trusting nature’s cosmic and absolutely illogical turn of events with complete trust and an example of a free falling rose petal. Simply put, the idea of – “Just go with the flow”!

A series of letters, which was initially a form of diary entries – written by a father to his adolescent children Aashirwad and Aanchal; sets the basic premise of the book. Each chapter brings out the meaning of some very universal philosophy of life.
Ok… So hold on, again so how is this book meant for the regular book lovers who simply love the experience of reading an exciting, eventful story? So yes this book has one. It does have a story. But a story that has no beginning and yes, no ending too. Though, personally I would have loved an ending. A happy one.
So, coming back; the story is about a couple living in Chennai, AVIS and Vaani, who start a consulting firm and like other entrepreneurs, they dream of making it big – to become a global firm from India. The ambition very soon turns into arrogance with series of debt driven expansion plans (much like the Vijay Mallya Kingfisher story). But more than that, the circumstances just go beyond their control. They are bankrupt and fall into a vicious debt trap. Yes, perhaps the worst that one can imagine. In fact the family is brought down to the brink of pennilessness. Often, struggling to even meet their basic day to day requirements.
But like the book says, adversity strikes those who can handle it. The AV couple do it and do it – in their own terms. Managing 179 creditors, a few of whom also take them to the police station, to court rooms, made them homeless, car less. But the couple faces each and every challenge – head on! Wearing life literally on their sleeves!
And not just that, the couple realize the magical interventions that nature does, in order to rescue them, every time they face their worst challenge. Almost like miracle!
Being selfless, being useful to the society, being a good parent and ultimately being a good human being is what this book talks about. Somewhere down this 200 pages plus book you will feel like – being taught, being lectured but if you can just hold on to even one percent of these learnings you will see a difference in the way you approach life.
Often we see such books being categorized as non-fiction (read non-interesting) and appealing only to a certain group of people (read matured or may be boring people). I do consider that I am turning out to be one of that group of people who has a particular affinity to read non-fiction (need not be boring and too philosophical). But a slice of life story , simplicity , honesty in story-telling always attracts me. Far more than an imaginative make-believe fantasy world.
But tell me, is there anybody you know of who hasn’t met failure? Or do you have a day in your life when you wake up to no problems at all?
So the answer is NO. Right? So you never know this book might give you some really worthwhile thoughts to pick!
Happy reading!
The book is available at : Amazon , Flipkart, Infibeam.


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  1. Life is a bag full of problems. But at the end of the day what really matters is how you face these problems and tackle them. Problems are in fact the test of one's endurance.

    Loved the review. Have just received a copy of the book. Looking forward to reading it.

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