Book Review : end of story? — By Arjun Shekhar

Many a times, you may feel that the story has met with its supposed end, but in real it may not have. It’s the story teller who’s got the reins. That is the true essence of this book 

The title ‘end of story?’ has two noticeable points. The reader gets them quick! It does not begin with a capital letter and has a prominent question mark at the end. Honestly, it got me intriguing right at the outset. And I must tell you the inference doesn’t come easy until you have read the book.

‘An idiot box that shows a hazy picture’ on the black background page appears simple but it’s definitely got its meaning there.  Black resonates with ‘dark humor. 

The blurb lets you know that the TV set depicts the start of the story, the time where all TV channels of the country have been closed down as SC has laid down a ban on electronic advertising. The blurb prepares you well as it gives a sneak peek about the plot that is built around a television channel, the people related to it, ads dubbed as propagandas and mysterious killing. It promises you a thriller in the inside pages.
The ‘end of Story?’ revolves around the employees of ‘Khulasa’, the ‘tabloid’ current affairs channel. Shukrat Ali, the anchor is the voice of the story. His ex-boss Satya Saachi Sengupta, has been murdered mysteriously and he is one of the eye witnesses. Thus he is supposed to present his part in the court’s hearing and that’s how the story commences.
Each chapter of the story has been put up very interestingly. It begins with the lawyer’s question in the courtroom and what follows is Shukrat Ali’s prepared tale in defense. Very soon his wife, boss (who has been murdered) and daughter take the lead in his discussion. The daughter Quyamat (Q) comes across a very dear character. Reader falls in love with her inquisitiveness and in return she does not fail to entertain with her spree of questions.
As the plot unfolds, we know that Shukrat’s wife and boss have been playing a foul play in the emergence of a new form of advertisement – of using subliminal messages to play with the minds of people. But then there is more as the plot shifts from Delhi to the heart of rural Maharashtra, where the channel is aiming to create a story around the tragedy of farmer suicides. The ghosts, the witch, the tribal, the manipulations all come in to offer twists and turns. The company is playing it foul too but who are the players and whodunit (the murder) is revealed when you reach the climax. Keep reading until you reach the end.

Arjun Shekhar has a lucid narration and a great writing style. He does not offer the story on the reader’s platter, but makes them dig it for themselves. No doubt, the book falls in a different league. The Author has skillfully portrayed Shukrat as dull and weak of all the characters in the plot but the truth is not always what meets the eyes. 

There are some dull and boring moments in the pages which make the reader feel tired but curiosity keeps it going. Honestly, I could not read it in one go. The story is different because it urges you to question the intentions of the story teller. The message from the writer is impactful and thought-provoking.

‘Everything that is offered these days be it stories, advertisements, headlines, tales etc. may not be for real.’

Manipulation thrives…. Catch it if you can!!!

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end of story? — By Arjun Shekhar  is the book “In Focus”.


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