Book Review : Connect the Dots — By Rashmi Bansal

Connect the dots by Rashmi Bansal – A compilation of two page biographies of twenty Indian Entrepreneurs who made it big with no formal degrees in management.

Easy to read and super easy to relate to, this book manages to provide ample food for thought to unenterprising individuals like me. Inspite of doling out age old lessons of perseverance and surviving the grind, “Connect the dots” charms the reader and gives “thinking out of the box” a new meaning. It is an apt compilation of personalities driven by passion with a no nonsense view of their dreams and subsequent entrepreneurial ventures. 

Through her style of narration, Rashmi makes you want to sit up and search for your inner calling. A calling which fires up your soul and leads you on to an untrodden path. Rare to have moments like these in our rat race for bread, butter and fame. Stories of Paper Tiger, Reva, King of Pop, Gentlemen prefer lettuce, and Call of the Wild are worth a mention. Ordinary People with unconventional dreams measuring their success with yardsticks of their own. Now that’s what makes my boho soul flutter and gets my grey cells ticking. Connect your dots and let your passion be the wind beneath your wings  is my takeaway from this unpretentious book.

—— Reviewed by Sonia Anoop


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  1. This is one of the best selling boos these days. Really inspiring. Heard a lot about it.. Good review Sonia. Thanx for joining Writersmelon.

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