Book Review : Chronicler of the Undead — by Mainak Dhar

For those of us who love to curl up under a blanket on a wintry evening, the book that accompanies us needs to be truly engrossing. While you may doubt if a dystopian novel on zombie activities would qualify, but rest assured, Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar is quite a scene-stealer. For those of you who didn’t know, Mainak is the author of 17 books till now and a hugely successful independent author.

Dystopian novels being a rarity in the Indian scenario, Chronicler of the Undead brought some zing this winter! It offers a very refreshing and crisp style of writing that is hard to find these days. The story is in the form of a journal, written by the hero of the book. He’s an ex-army and a writer who wanted to lay low in a hill cottage but got involved in an undead world. What’s interesting is that the Zombie or the undead are not described in an overtly grotesque or funny manner like in the films. They are termed beautifully as ‘Moreko’, a Nepalese word for the undead.
The story is not only about our hero fighting the Morekos. It’s way complex than that if you look into the layers. There’s corruption, societal biases, the haves and the have-nots, and the fight for survival. The events cruise through you without making a saga or morality and displaying social messages. It is done subtly and very efficiently. Mainak certainly rules the genre he writes on. There’s blood and gore alright, but it will not make you throw up on your book. Such scenes are narrated quite aesthetically, and with more than a dash of humour. That’s another element I loved about the book. There’s the much needed humour that’s normally missing from this genre elsewhere.

When all else is gone, holding on to decency and honor is the best a person can hope to do.

You’re sure to pick up quotes like the above when you read the book and they will linger with you for a long time to come.

We recommend the book for every reader, don’t judge it by the genre, just grab it and get on an unforgettable journey.

Author: Mainak Dhar
Publisher: Westland Books
Genre: Fiction/Horror
Release: 2015
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