Blood Song – by Juggi Bhasin

Blood Song is a dark thriller with the right amount of brutal tunes. It is crisper and fast-paced. However, while reading I felt one needs a strong stomach to absorb this riveting revenge saga. Blood Song is a tale of two female protagonists – Simran Kaur Banga and Aranjit Kaur. The two are extremely bold and witty and their pain has made them extreme rebels. If Simran Banga is the heart then Aranjit’s story is the soul of this book. Simran Banga, a brutal rape victim has been ousted from Southall, London by her conservative Sikh family to the countryside of Amritsar in a forgotten village of Kasba Chardi Kala. Beating the days of darkness, despair and loneliness, Simran comes across Aranjit Kaur, a molecular biologist and a hiding Khalistani terrorist in the same village.

The two poignant ladies find solace and comfort in each other’s company. The author has a knack of taking his readers deep through the emotions of his characters. As a reader, one might manage to relate to their pain like a slice of realism. And, when the reader is busy narrowing down their pains, the author steers the wheel to the flashback of 1983 to bring out Aranjit’s story that goes through the most talked history of the ‘Khalistani-Movement’ and ‘Operation Blue Star’ at the Golden Temple. I applaud the author for the way he has pulled the strings of these two major incidents in his story. For a moment, we forget about Simran and dive into the history until Suvir Suri arrives. Yes, the man protagonist of Juggi Bhasin’s first book makes an appearance in this one and it is again with his past and pain. This is the third of his Terrorism Trilogy.

However, Suvir eventually joins hands with Simran to set things straight in the old orthodox village where people are mindlessly following a self styled God-man called Baba Santokh Singh. The baba has a crowd of followers unaware of his real ugly atrocious deeds that he runs in his dera. The crackdown on his fake styled power and empire is quite a high point. The author has also brought a subplot along with many others that focuses on foul ministerial level conspiracy that Suvir Suri cracks.

Well, Blood Song has a lot of intricate subplots written and knitted well in the storyline. The writing is lucid and simple. What goes around – comes around like a circle. The vengeful story of Simran Banga completes in the concluding pages as she finally writes her own revenge saga singing a song of pain, blood and retribution. The story has the right amount of gore and is quite engaging to keep the reader hooked.

I believe it’s like a cup of coffee, black and strong but not for all. If you enjoy dark intense books, Blood Song is definitely for you.

About the author:

Juggi Bhasin is one of the first television journalists in India. He joined Doordarshan News in 1987. He has many landmark news reports to his credit, including the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992. He has also been a senior anchor for Lok Sabha Television. He moved to Mumbai in2007 to be with his wife, a senior banking professional and son. Besides writing, he is passionate about acting. Over the years he has worked in theatre with several well-known directors in Delhi.

Reviewed by : Shaily Bhargava

Author(s): Juggi Bhasin
Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads
Release: December 2014
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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