Angel’s Wisdom for your Life Part 1 –- BY Mani Goel

The book starts with a personal journey.
One of the most effective and detailed author introductions you will read in a book.
Story of a girl, who conquers hardest of the adversities in life and emerged as an Angel ! Yes, you heard it right – an Angel. Just like the way you see in children’s book, wearing a pink frilly dress, a wand in hand and a hallo right above the head.
“As I look back now, I remember that I had always loved angels. As a child I used to go collecting feathers, and had a huge collection of beautiful and colorful feathers”.
Well … almost so. One amongst them, one who talks to them, one who can feel their presence and their profound bliss.. always… Every single word that comes out of her is a collective voice. Voices that each one of us can hear, provided we chose to hear them.

“I could feel their divine and love-filled presence around me, it was like homecoming. I suddenly remembered my childhood penchant for collecting feathers, angel statues, being referred to as an angel or fairy, many times by people, and the deep urge I had often felt to live amongst the clouds whenever I happened to peep out of an aircraft window while traveling.”
While the external appearance of an Angel is easily identifiable, it often makes up for good stories for children only. And most of us feel Angels are “fictitious” and good for bed time stories just like Santa Clause ! And existence of god is often questioned and means differently to every individual. Let that be…let us just park that thought for sometime.   
Then what about “Wisdom”? Where does that come from? Age ? Experience? Is it internal ? Or External ? What about the physical and the mental “strength” , the “Motivation” to fight back in life?
Many of us do not feel the need for any external source of motivation, wisdom, and seldom give any thought to spirituality. Isn’t it?
A severe life threatening accident, aftermath of prolonged emotional crisis and ultimately the will to rise up from the phoenix is story of Mani Goel in a nutshell : Spiritual Healer and Author of this book series – Angel’s Wisdom For your Life.
But what gave her this immense strength? What changed? And how?
The book talks about the series of realisation, learnings and experiences that the author feels after she goes through the traumatic phases of her life.
It is about living a meaningful, cheerful life. It is about forgiving, forgetting and living life with eternal bliss. Managing Anger, experiencing the innocence and purity of a child , marriage and its spiritual purpose are some extremely relevant and relatable subjects that the book deals with lot of intensity and are indeed very helpful.
We often feel helpless being in situations that we have no control. Things we never planned for, never expected to happen to “us”. We live with many restless souls, confused and mostly clueless about the “big picture”.
If not soul a searching mission in its strictest sense, this book can definitely be used as a practical handbook for moments of self doubt, restlessness and despair.

Happy Reading ! 
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