Book Review : Almost Single — By Advaita Kala

Almost single by young Advaita Kala is nicely written in light humor that keep reader gripped and I managed to read this 280 pages book in a record time of 5 days despite 10 long office working hours and various other distraction.
The lead character Aisha and her friend Misha are so vivid and feels she is one of us from the gang of single but ready to mingle gang. The author has successfully been able to connect to the readers in a simple yet effective language sans any frills and philosophy.
The need of companion, importance of relationships, difference between lust and love and marriage and wedding is well covered in the book by way various instances that happen as a part of Aisha’s and her friend’s life. For all working single women of living in urban India can easily relate themselves to Aisha and Misha.

The free spirited gals who want to get married but are not desperate to marry just any one for the sake of it are very much of the societies’ own but their parents seem not to understand the difference between flamboyant wedding and marriage of two compatible people who wish to spend their lives together.
The cameo characters of Ric, Nic and Anushka- Anuj, Mrs Mukherjee are also interesting but it is strange that they suddenly disappear in the middle of the story may be because of the due importance given to the brewing love story of Aisha and Karan.

I enjoyed Mamma Bhatia and Gucci Mama, the interesting names given to the mothers of the lead characters defining their thought processes and the lifestyles.
The overall reading experience was fun as I could visualize the characters and the situations, Hotel Orchid, Karwa Chauth celebrations, Karan’s house warming party etc. The book gives a pleasant feel as it ends at a positive note in a very bolly wood style conveying the concealed message that it is better to get married to a suitable compatible match than to rush and get married to any one you hook around.
So all singles…enjoy reading Almost Single!
—– Pratyasha Nath


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