Book Review : 60 Minutes — By Upendra Namburi

Locked in battle among themselves, for love and money, corporates race through each minute. Our review of 60 Minutes by Upendra Namburi. Gripping. 


a battle turns to war
we wash our dirty linen
with sweat and blood

This Haiku preceding chapter four best represents what ’60 Minutes’ is all about. Bloodbath is quite in the corporate world, especially in India, where senior executives and CXOs hunt for prey in rival territories and sometimes in their own.

For the unaware, ’60 Minutes’ is written by Upendra Namburi, who has been a corporate guru for years. Watching the gladiator arena from close proximity has inspired him to write about them. And how he writes! His protagonists are dangerous, harmful, sinister as well as humane, despondent, traumatized and out of love.

 The book captures 60 minutes in the lives of Agastya, Maithili, Sailesh and a plethora of other characters. Protagonists turn into antagonists and vice versa. Agastya is the Chief Marketing Head of BCL, a leading FMCG company and Sailesh is his counterpart in Stark. While the plot is roughly about their rivalry and how they connive against each other to win a campaign, Maithili adds spice and twist to the story.

Maithili, a suave and sexy professional is Agastya’s girlfriend. She enters Agastya’s office to wreak havoc in his life due to reasons for-which-you-will-have-to-read-the-book. Begins the 60 minutes in Agastya’s life where he has to save his career and marriage with Nandita simultaneously. None of us would assume the task to be easy and it is a hell lot more tough than it seems. Of course we have our flashbacks which add basic infrastructure to the story. Corporate beginners would learn a lot from Agastya and Sailesh’s career graphs that Upendra has carefully crafted. His words flow smooth and fast, capturing your attention at each page. The story is not boring as it has multiple layers of emotion and real-life situations.

As I loved Maithili’s character, felt pity for her too. It is easy to fall in love but not out of it. Upendra has portrayed Agastya as the vacuum in between two layers of an aircraft glass. He faces the turbulence in the outside air, much above the atmosphere. On the other hand, he can see the glitz and lights inside the aircraft but cannot feel the warmth within. Upendra has stated in his interview with us that he feels more connected to Sailesh from his book. That’s the ideal guy everyone would want to be like – calm, composed, shrewd, and scheming.

We’d recommend this book to each reader, irrespective of any corporate background, for you can learn a lot to implement in your lives. That apart, feel the adrenaline rush in a span of 60 minutes!

60 Minutes is a roller coaster ride, which perhaps is the best corporate thriller released this year.


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