You have overcome every possible challenge of writing a book and of getting it published. You’re exhausted and warming the idea of beginning to write your next book. Being visible, without making too much noise is important. Getting online reviews for the book, reaching out to online influencers & the blogging community is important. Because being active and regular with your social media updates has become integral part of the writing journey.

We believe promoting a book is equally challenging as writing one. 


You had a story in mind and you pursued it relentlessly till it became the first chapter of your dream to get the story published .Followed by the sequences to see your name in the print & to see your book adorning the book stores. At this stage, you need somebody to give a brutal, honest feedback on your story .Help you sieve through your words, cut down the flab, arrange them in the most delectable order and point out tiny details & little spell checks that you might have missed. And help you decide your publishing route.

We believe the finished product will give you more confidence to start your journey into the publishing world. 


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